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Template:InfoboxLord General Christopher Newle was the leader of the 223rd Battalion.



Christopher lived a quite normal life in his early years, interested in the Army. Born to Emily and Christian Newle, with no siblings. By the age of 12, he was robbed, though fended off the mugger, and ended up killing him. By the age of 18, Christopher enlisted into the Grand Alliance Army, and was put into the Westfall Brigade, stationed at Sentintel Hill.


Christopher lived quite a life, full of action in the Westfall Brigade, fending off thieves, gnolls and other things. By the time he was 39 he became a General.


By the age of 40, Christopher was approached by the Alliance High Command, and given a position of Commanding Officer of the newly formed 223rd Battalion. Later, at the age of 43, the 223rd deployed into the Third War, and Christopher ended up being fatally wounded, and ended in death. In the middle of war, Jackson Renyold, a Lord General at the time, took over command of the 223rd. The 223rd was later disbanded after returning from the Third War.

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