Clerval Macidean was a stonemason from Lordaeron. He was the father of Balledor Macidean.


Thirty-years prior to the First War, Clerval worked as a stonemason, lending his hammer where ever it was needed most. However, Clerval had an obsession in the building and repairing cathedrals within the region. He raised Balledor to be a hard worker, giving him experience as a craftsman at an early age.

When the King of Alterac, Aiden Perenolde, commissioned the finest craftsmen from across the land to aid in the refinement of his palace, Clerval and his masons carried out the work. However, Perenolde's Nobles refused to pay those who had labored on the Palace. Clerval was persistent however, and demanded justice. King Perenolde had Clerval and his masons arrested for insubordination and disobedience. They were beheaded the following morning.[1]

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