At the young age of twenty, Ethun fell in combat, defending Darkshire from a swarm of undead.The Lich King decided he had the potential to do great things and so brought him away to Acherus, where he awoke as a Death Knight. For nearly a year, Ethun and his fellow Death Knights wreaked havoc on the nearby towns of Havenshire and New Avalon.

Then, after wiping out the Scarlet population, the Lich King ordered Darion Mograine to take the Death Knights and attack the chapel at Light's Hope -- an attack that would change everything. Upon defeat, the Death Knights vowed to exact revenge on the Lich King, and became known as the Knights of the Ebon Blade.

Newly released from the Lich King's grasp, Ethun wandered the city of Stormwind seeking a purpose. He became bizarrely fascinated by a group of Scarlets within the city, vowing to one day join them to prove that he was no longer under Arthas' thrall.

Over a year after he joined that group of Scarlets, Ethun fell to the New Plague. He was spying on the Forsaken at Venomspite when one of their Blight Wagon pilots spotted him and threw a Plague Barrel at him. Ethun managed to drag himself to the safety on Valiance Keep before collapsing on a bed, and passing away, his Scarlet allies at his side.

But the Plague worked too well. After being buried, Ethun rose from the dead with no memory of the events at Venomspite or his death. As he watched the Scarlets leaving the glade, he put the puzzle pieces together and came to the conclusion that the Scarlets had killed him and disposed of him.

He took himself to the Undercity and pledged himself to the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas.

Shortly after, during an attack on the Forge of Souls, Ethun fell to Bronjahm, the Godfather of Souls.



Something that belonged to him before death would get you a split-second to run him through.


"My Lord Saurfang. I'm--I'm so very sorry." -Upon Delivering Saurfang the Younger's armor.

"I like this mountain. It's big, dark, right there on the horizon. I could live here." -Upon arriving at Blackrock Mountain.

"I pledge my unlife to you, my dark Banshee Queen." -Ethun's acceptance into the ranks of the Forsaken.


He left his sense of shame in the grave, as he openly flirts with just about every female he sees.

Speaks with a hiss, a result of adapting to speaking with no lower jaw.

His last words were a quiet chuckle and a whisper of "I'm sorry".

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