Covenant was founded in November 2009 by Fierine Cheraville Calloun and Jadagar Vosmus. Intended for characters of an evil to neutral alignment, it strives to create a better breed of villain, opportunist, and conspirator to enrich the roleplay environment. By giving such characters reason to collaborate and forming a consensus on successful conflict roleplay, Covenant hopes to become a formidable adversary whose schemes can have far-reaching effects in the roleplaying community.

IC History

Covenant serves as a coalition for the outcasts of the Alliance--those who dare to seek solutions outside of the narrow path of morality that is quickly becoming our downfall. We are innovators, dreamers, and schemers who envision a better world for Azeroth, one free of savages, zealots, and cowards. Manipulation and subterfuge have become unfortunate but necessary components of any great plan. With the support of the Covenant, however, you no longer must hide in shadow and conceal the glory of your master design. We offer three paths to our constituents: magical research and diplomacy, reconnaissance and clandestine operations, and military might and enforcement. Those who prove their loyalty to the Covenant will secure their place when a new era dawns on Azeroth, one forged from resourcefulness and brilliance unchained from the nearsightedness of those who'd oppose us.



Prominent Members 

External Links

Covenant Official guild website.

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