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Players engage in stories involving  murder mysteries, treasure hunts, business adventures, and what have you. Its up to each player to decide how active they are.

IC members might work in one of the legit businesses/shops as healers or book keepers, treasure hunters, to a few possible assassins. 


Crimson Moon House Rules - these are the general OOC "rules" we expect all of our members to abide by. In short be respectful and try not to be a major A**hole.


CM Role-Play Basics - Covers information on characters, plots, locations, etc.

Crimson Moon Guild Website RP stories, ooc notes, etc pertaining to the guild.

We strongly encourage open world RP for all activities and love to play with new rp'ers.


We do not do open recruitment - and we don't bother with long interviews or applications. If someone wants to be involved they get in only through recommendation of a current member because they are already actively involved in something the guild is doing (either RP'ing in a storyline, killing stuff in a raid, etc).

Lionpaw#1410 - Main storyteller . Not everyone who is a member runs under the guild tag. 

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