Crow Haven

Crow Haven is a small, private consortium made up primarily from the remnants of Clan Sahenda and House Realmstrider, along with a small handful of associates. Crow Haven does not consider itself either "good" or "evil", and does not require it's members to declare alignment. Thus, individual members of Crow Haven may be good, evil or neutral.


Admission to Crow Haven is by invitation only, and requires a consensus of both co-leaders. Crow Haven does not recruit openly.

Internal Structure

The leadership of Crow Haven consists of an Elder, called Sa'hai, and a Consort, called Rakashi. These titles are gender neutral and the offices they represent are equal in authority within the consortium structure. The leadership structure of Crow Haven mimics the original house structure of Clan Sahenda, in which Sa'hai and Rakashi co-lead the Clan as equals and all decisions are achieved by consensus among the Leadership and the Officers. The current Sa'hai (Araquiel Sahenda) and Rakashi (Thellos Shalcron) continue this tradition.

The officer rank of Crow Haven is Crow. Crows are trusted members of the consortium who are generally authorized to speak on behalf of the Sa'hai and/or Rakashi on most issues.

The trusted member rank of Crow Haven is Raven. Ravens are trusted associates, but generally do not have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the leaders. It should be noted, however, that as trusted associates the leaders do listen to and take into account opinions and ideas put forth by Ravens.

Officer Contacts

The following compose the leadership and senior officers of Crow Haven:

Sa'hai: Araquiel Sahenda

Rakashi: Thellos Shalcron


Cainshaa Realmstrider

Dija Sahenda Realmstrider

Arashalese Oaksong

Zarande MacEoghan

OOC Information

Crow Haven is a group of friends who came to Wyrmrest Accord-US from Sentinels-US. We don't recruit actively, preferring to keep our group small and limited to personal friends. All members of Crow Haven are active roleplayers and are extremely RP-friendly.

Links to Relevant Pages

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