A powerful dwarf, a Thane no less, but whats this? No beard? A woman and a Dark Iron to boot!?! She must be evil, like the rest of her ilk, but why is she risking her life to defend her allies? Could it be, that one of Thaurissan's ilk having a good heart? The short answer, yes.

Physical Description

A bit above average for a dwarf, she is your typical Dark Iron with dark gray skin, red eyes, and she has black hair. While rarely without armor, she keeps her hair short, and her skin bares the patchwork of dozens of battles. Just as her muscles show the efforts of her craft!


She's tough, proud, but clever and intelligent. Not one to back down, but not one to blindly throw their life away, and while at first she was mistrustful of her Bronzebeard and Wildhammer cousins, and not to mention rude towards them! She would eventually grow fond of them, realizing that the few she calls friends, were worth dying for! Thus, she has accepted the changes, becoming protective and helpful, and she keeps an open mind now to most people.


To keep this short, Crura was born in Shadowforge City to a small clan known for it's spellcasters. However, like her mother, Crura had little talent for magic and preferred the path of martial might. After training for decades, she joined the guard like her mother, eventually fighting the Horde and the Draconic forces of Nefarian later on. However, her mother would be slain by adventurers around the time her Emperor and Ragnaros would also be killed.

Choosing to instead serve Moira, instead of the Twilight Cult, she would aid Moira in kicking the cultists out of Blackrock as well as clearing out what remained of Ragnaros's ilk. Rewarded a set of potent elementium-dark iron alloyed armor, and with her fathers disappearance, being the eldest, the now Thane of Clan Darkmine took her grandmothers axe as her own. The axe itself was an old piece of work, known simply as "Core'splitter", but Crura would dedicate herself to the art of smithing. Conflict had cost her much, and she had felt the urge to create, and so she did. Mastering craft only a few years later, the art of hammer upon steel coming naturally to her, in fact, this would be the start of an affliction known only as the "Blessing of the Sister of Steel", in short, her dedication to the craft of smithing would cause her flesh to slowly revert back to it's Earthen state. At first, she embraced this boon, but when she would travel to Ironforge during the War on Draenor, meeting and being slowly accepted into Dwarf society, she would begin to consider it a curse.

This belief would eventually inspire an expedition to Ulduar, where after being met by the Keeper Thorim, her comrades were subjected to three trials while Crura herself was undergoing a ritual to ironically reverse the reverse of the Curse of Flesh. The ritual a success, and her allies completing the trials, she awoke days later to find her axe, Core'splitter, shattered, and her armor far too heavy to be worn. Thus, she reforged her axe, made new armor, and donned the gift that her allies had earned, a titan shield known as "Molt'ar". Since then, she has joined the fight against the Legion, using axe and shield to defend her allies and champion the cause of Azeroth wherever the fight is!


Crura is a high ranking member of the Steelgrasp Brigade, and well respected member of the dwarf community!

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