Daesong is an average Sin'dorei. The blond headed elf stands to be around 5'7" and weighs around 120 lbs. She is very athletic.  Dae tends to keep her hair pulled back into two pony-tails. She has a rich, darker complexion from frequently being out in nature nearly almost all the time.

Clothing quality depends upon whose clothes she borrowed or traded with (i.e. she raids Laece's closet often). She does dress up from time to time after a visit with one of the courtesans she is friends with.


Daesong is a pacifist dancer/ artist. She's given up on material items and gold use. This friendly elf relies on her charm and other peoples generosity. Overall she is very outgoing and will strike up conversation with anyone.


Daeli Direbourn has been a long time wanderer since she became of an age to have a say in how to live her life. She's seen a lot more than she tells. She works as a game dealer for Crimson Moon .

(( Her complete character sheet can be located on her personal page & information about her recent activity in her storybook ))

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