Dalserrar Ebonskye


Tall, skinny and usually wears dark clothing. His eyes are very strange for a Sin'dorei as they tend to shift from a blue hue to the normal fel-green depending on his mood, he is usually always armed with his daggers and can usually be seen with his silver tabby cat by his side. His hair is long and black and is tied with a single leather band, he almost always has a smile on his face and a hint of mischief in his eyes.


Dal can be described as arrogant, cynical, silver tounged, as well as very stubborn and flirty. These aspects of his personality tend to get him into trouble, he also doesn't trust people very easily. Though once you do gain his trust he is a good one to have at your side in battle. Though there is a softer side to Dal which is usually only seen by those who are very close to him, he is also fiercely protective of those he considers as family.

Background, At-a-Glance

  • Abandoned at a young age.
  • Took to thieving to survive.
  • Has no memory of his parents or where he is actually from


  • Has an older brother named Sindanin.
  • His tabby cat's name is "Sly".
  • Prefers to wander.
  • Loves to open locked boxes for people.
  • Has left the thieving aspect of his life behind.
  • Makes an honest living as a leather worker.

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