Lord Darcassian Jamison Holt[1] was the Count of Addlewood and the patriarch of House of Holt. He was a well known tradesman in his craft, ultimately gave his life in an effort to free his family from the atrocious hold the Black Cloaks held over them.


Darcassian Jamison Holt was the eldest son born to Daren and Talise Holt. He has four younger brothers, Alistair, Avren, Rede, and Kane Holt.

He neither joined the military nor the Church and instead chose to educate himself on the premise of Commerce throughout the Kingdom and saw that it was heavily lacking in direction. So he took it upon himself to devise a start up venture called Southern United Commerce and has furthered the Holt family name through creating a legacy of his own. They are known throughout much of the southern regions of Stormwind for leading a united regiment and trade organization between the lesser towns and villages. The organization incorporates and promotes adequate trade between the regions of Redridge, Duskwood and Westfall with it’s base of operations located just outside of Darkshire.

He married Anelise Holt, a woman from a prestigious Quel’dorei family, forever changing the purity of the Holt line. They had eight children—Natharen, Kaidren, Adhelin, Ardan, Dechlan, Rinoha, Eryn, and Itraeis. Sadly he and Anelise were not so fortunate when it came to continuing that line, as each of their children with the exception of two, had grievous complications. Anelise resolved these complications with dark magic and those five of her eight children would be forever tainted.


When the Black Cloaks kidnapped Rinoha and Adhelin, a daring rescue attempt was enacted by members of House Holt, The Stormwind City Guard, Oathsworn Vanguard, and allies.

In the pre-dusk hours, the groups gathered and prepared for an assault upon the compound where the Holt Ladies were being held prisoner. The groups divided into four, magic, melee, stealth and Darcassian with the Holt men. The kidnappers brought Ladies Rinoha and Adhelin out in a scare tactic to threaten the attacking forces. After agreeing to parley, Darcassian stepped behind the magical barrier at the gate, where after a brief conversation he was stabbed by one of the kidnappers.[2]

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