Dawnsky is one of the Matrons for the Shadowhoof Tribe in Feralas. She genuinely carries a can-do attitude and can sometimes be very headstrong, willing to leap into danger without a second thought. Unlike other Tauren, she is not a Sunwalker. Her strength of power coming from the Human religion of the Light, making her a full blooded Paladin.

She has quite a few children and grand children and is currently mated to Azriell Feathermane of the Shadowhoof Tribe.


Dawnsky comes from a harsh life like many of Azeroth's denizens. Born in the mountains of Feralas to the Whitestorm Tribe; her father Chief Tokota Whitestorm & her mother Ayita Grimtotem. Her only other living relative being her sister Duskcloud born of the same mother and father. While she is part Grimtotem she does not hold any general respect or allegiance to them, mostly due to the Grimtotems aggression running their tribe out of Feralas for her mothers relationship with her father. Her past is vivid though beyond her family ties and she enjoyed being an adventurer all over Azeroth when she was young.

Birth & Early Life

Dawnsky was born on a bright early morning at the Spring Pools in Feralas. Her sister had also been born there several years prior. Dawnsky grew quickly and enjoyed many years with her family in the mountains of Feralas. Many Grimtotem saw Ayita's actions as a betrayal and a disgrace to her name to marry a non-Grimtotem. After many years of plotting and learning the paths of the mountains a group of marauders invaded the small tribe's camp, killing many and driving Dawnsky, her sister, mother & father out of Feralas and into the harsh deserts of Silithus.

Despite the harsh move into a harsher environment, Ayita and Tokota did all they could to protect their children. They managed to live together for several more years before a large group of Silithid stormed over them, killing Ayita and Tokota. Dawnsky and her sister Duskcloud managed to survive by hiding under one of the fallen tents and waited till the insects left. Before the younglings could check on their parents Duskcloud took off. Running off into the desert alone, leaving Dawnsky behind under the fallen tent. Dawnsky managed to survive the cold night by huddling between her parents motionless bodies.

Though her situation was dire Dawnsky managed to escape Silithus, climbing back through the mountains of Feralas and relying on fruit and berries as her source of food. From that point forth she would sneak into Caravans that came through the zone, eventually leaving Feralas for nearly three decades.

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