Delnor Thal'danas is a high-ranking assassin in the Stormrise Warband.


Never used to be one of combat, he studied the histories of Azeroth and trained to be a Lore Scribe at the Farstrider Academy. When Prince Arthas attacked Quel'Thalas, he went a different path than Kael'thas Sunstrider and the survivors, instead boarding a ship to sail away from the horror.

However, the ship got caught in the Maelstrom and crashed along the shores of Durotar, where a Shattered Hand scouting party slew the passengers who survived. Delnor and a few other passengers tried to fight back, and the Horde admired their tenacity, opting to take them as prisoners to help train Orc warriors as live dummies.

Delnor learned quickly how to fight, becoming a skilled opponent. The Shattered Hand felt he would be more useful as a tool than as a dummy for training. They sent him on various missions, carefully watched. Failure would mean death, success would mean food or company. For three years he worked as a slave/assassin for the Shattered Hand, their mark burned into his flesh so he would never forget.

When Thrall accepted the Blood Elves into the Horde, the Shattered Hand had no choice but to free him. Though they had ruined the life he had known he felt no hatred for the Horde, as he found he was quite good as a mercenary. He opted to stay in their service.


Delnor still acts as an assassin for the Horde first and foremost. A little trick he picked up is chewing Fadeleaves, as it negates any body odor or smell, making him harder to track. However, this has made his tongue black and killed his tastebuds.



"I may have lost my taste, but I didn't lose my taste in women."


Interestingly enough, Apples are the only food he's able to taste.

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