"The light will lead those who care for others to complete salvation."
—Dighton Davenwell[src]

Sir Dighton Davenwell (born July 23rd, Year 9 BDP[1]) is the commander of the Westridge Brigade, Lord of House of Davenwell, and the former second-in-command of the Remnants of Lordaeron. Throughout his life, he has served faithfully as a Knight of the Silver Hand and a commanding officer in the Alliance military.

After the Silver Hand was disbanded, Dighton joined the remnants of the order that would later become the Scarlet Crusade. When his morality was challenged by duty, Dighton chose the prior, making him a fugitive of the zealous order. While under the name Dighton Phillips[1], he infiltrated the Scarlet occupied Hearthglen to rescue his wife, Sara, only to be captured and imprisoned by the Crusade. He was eventually rescued by Barillin Mercileum who would recruit him into the fold of the Argent Dawn. He later joined the Argent Crusade during the War against the Lich King, fighting alongside Archelus Wyrmfrost, a high ranking death knight of the Ebon Blade.

Upon the death of the Lich King, Dighton joined Wyrmfrost in forming the Remnants of Lordaeron. Dighton would serve the order until Wyrmfrost's second death at hands of Mordros Shadoweaver, thus disbanding Remnants of Lordaeron. After defeating Mordros, Dighton was placed in charge of the newly formed Westridge Brigade.[1]


Early life

Dighton Davenwell was born to Sir Leander Davenwell of the Brotherhood of the Horse and Andrilla Davenwell (née Phillips) nine years before the First War in Stormwind City. The Davenwells had been the nobles from Westridge for many decades. He had one younger brother — Elphias, who grew up living under his shadow. Dighton led an ordinary life until the initial Orcish invasion of Azeroth which resulted in Stormwind's destruction. Dighton and his family were one of the many refugees who immigrated to Lordaeron.

During his time in Lordaeron, Dighton learned how to wield a sword and ride a horse by his father. When his father left to fight the Horde during the Second War, Dighton prayed to the holy light every night in hopes to keep him safe. The armies of the Alliance of Lordaeron were ultimately victorious against the orcs and Leander was knighted by King Terenas II and recognized his family's nobility in Lordaeron.[1]

Order of the Silver Hand

Through the guidance of one of his father's old friends Laithian Mercileum, Dighton became a devout follower of the Light and decided to join the newly formed Order of the Silver Hand, an organization of paladins who safeguard the Kingdom of Lordaeron. During this time, he became acquainted with several other members including Ghorin Brighthammer, Septimus Brightblade, Godfrey Valorsworn, and Sara Dornnel. Dighton courted Sara for several months until they married. They had two children — Howard and Marcella.

Dighton and Sara continued their services in the Silver Hand for several years after their marriage, often leaving their children in the custody of Dighton's mother when they were unable to take care of them due to their commitment to the order.

Shortly before the Third War, Dighton mourned the loss of his father after he was ambushed and killed by a band of orcs that escaped from Durnholde Keep.

The Fallen Kingdom

"With all due respect sir, Infected or not — I will not harm an innocent child."
—Dighton refusing the orders to execute Aurelia.

After the death of King Terenas, Dighton and several other members of the now disbanded order of the Silver Hand followed Alexandros Mograine to fight against the Scourge. During this time, Dighton was assigned to a patrol party in the Eastern Plaguelands while Sara stayed behind in Hearthglen.

During a routine patrol, Dighton's party encountered a young girl who had escaped from a nearby Scourge attack. Dighton's paranoid superiors distrusted the girl's words, claiming that she is either infected by the plague of undeath, or an agent of the Cult of the Damned. When Dighton was ordered to execute the girl, he refused, believing the act to be immoral. His superiors ordered for Dighton to be arrested for insubordination. However, Dighton quickly blinded them with the light, allowing him and the young girl to escape. After evading capture, the young girl thanked Dighton, identifying herself as Aurelia Titus. Realizing they were now wanted by the Crusade, Dighton decided to keep a low profile, taking his mother's maiden name, 'Phillips'.

Infiltration and capture

Dighton and Aurelia then traveled on foot to Hearthglen where they were to meet with Sara and escape to Southshore. However, this would never come to fruition. After leaving Aurelia behind in a barn at the abandoned Dalson's Orchard, Dighton continued the path north to Hearthglen where he learned that his wife was imprisoned by the Scarlets for her association with him. He attempted to break her out of prison, but was caught and arrested by High Protector Lorik. While imprisoned, Dighton was interrogated by James Vishas and Damos Vethaun over the whereabouts of Aurelia Titus. Dighton refused to cooperate, saying that he would rather die than see them take the life of an innocent child. After the Interrogators threatened to execute Sara, Dighton became conflicted. Ultimately, he conceded and told them Aurelia's position, hoping that they would spare his wife's life. However, it didn't matter. Despite their promise to spare Sara's life, the Scarlet Crusade decided to execute her anyways while they retrieved Aurelia from the Dalson's barn.

Escape from Hearthglen

"We don't have much time. There's a caravan out in front of the keep that'll leave in the next five minutes—with or without us."
—Barillin after breaking Dighton out of the Mardenholde dungeons.

After his wife's execution, Dighton was broken. He had given up on his efforts to escape his restraints and accepted his foreseeable death. However, Barillin Mercileum, the son of Dighton's former mentor, Laithian, broke Dighton out of the Mardenholde dungeons while disguised as a Scarlet Guard. After they narrowly escaped from Hearthglen, the two traveled south to Chillwind Camp where they would meet with Laithian and several members of the Argent Dawn.

Argent Dawn

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Battle for Light's Hope Chapel

Dighton had regained the majority of the his lost strength now stood with the Argent Defenders as the Death Knights of Acherus mobilized towards the holy chapel. And prior to the battle Dighton dressed himself in his father's armor, and with it became Dighton Davenwell once more. As the strength of the defenders began to wain, Dighton's determination drove him to continue his stand. He manged to fend the undead fiends away from the entrance of the chapel, cutting down ghoul after ghoul. Soon he found himself staring down a Death Knight of Acherus, the two would fight for the duration of the battle. Both knights would unleash their arsenal on one another, the Light and Frost magic. Dighton managed to defeat the death knight but not kill him. Unknown to Dighton, a near by necromancer summoned a squad of ghouls and commanded them to jump on the tired paladin's back, and they would try to tear into the paladin's armor. Dighton, now fatigued following his defense against previous foes, noticed that the fiendish assault had ceased. Dighton searched for the source of why the fiends where vanquished so easily. The source was the timely arrival of Lord Tirion Fordring.

The servants of the Lich King were defeated that day, but the war had only just begun. Dighton witnessed the creation of the Argent Crusade, Dighton was willing to join the crusade and get the justice he desired since the end of the Third War.

War Against the Lich King

The Argent Campaign

Assault on Icecrown Citadel

Remnants of Lordaeron

Following the downfall of Lich King, Archelus Wyrmfrost personally sought out Dighton in an effort to recruit him to his military order, Remnants of Lordaeron. It served to be a difficult transition for Dighton, who has previously fought alongside several Horde races during his time in the Argent Crusade, to ultimately oppose his former allies on the field of battle. This would lead to several disagreements with Archelus, who often put Dighton's allegiance to the Alliance into question.

Not only did the conclusion of War against the Lich King signify Dighton's return faction conflict, but as well his duty to his family and community. While working with Remnants of Lordaeron, Dighton returned to being a father to his children, who under the care of his mother for the entirety of his absence. After a few months into being back in Westridge, Lady Davenwell passed away, and now he needed to serve the Alliance to the best of his ability while being the father that he thought they deserved.

The Cataclysm

When Sylvanas and her Forsaken launched an attack against the Alliance-controlled territories in Hillsbrad Foothills, Dighton as well as Aredin Hamilton were one of the first responders on the scene, getting as many people out of the blight infested region as possible. They brought most of the survivors to Refuge Point in Arathi Highlands. Dighton took interest in a young boy who had lost his family in the Forsaken attack and decided to take him in as a squire.

Following the Alliance defeat in Hillsbrad, and being pushed all the back to the Arathi Highlands, Dighton and his forces would be redirected to serve in the Twilight Highlands. Dighton would lead the Alliance to minor victories over the Dragonmaw Clan with the aid of Wildhammer Clan dwarves. After keeping the orcs at bay, Dighton and his men were sent to deal with the pessimistic Twilight's Hammer Cultists. With the help of Aredin Hamilton and his fellow SI:7 agents, the forces or Remnants were able to cause a ruckus with in their camps. And during the commotion, Aredin managed to rescue Mordros Shadoweaver from the clutch of the Twilight's Hammer, only to become a prisoner of the Alliance. Mordros was brought before Dighton, but Dighton declined to have the warlock's fate be placed in his hands. Much to Dighton's dismay, Wyrmfrost came to the decision that Mordros would be a great asset to their order. As the War against the Horde intensified, Mordros rose through the ranks and became one of the primary advisors to Archelus, and Dighton began to feel that he was fight a war on two fronts: against the Horde and the distrust towards the warlock.

The Pandaria Campaign

The Iron Horde

Westridge Brigade

Following the death of Wyrmfrost, the Remnants of Lordaeron disbanded; it's members scattered and the threat of the Legion loomed. Military officials came to the decision that with loss of Wyrmfrost, someone must fill the void, and that someone became Dighton. With the option of reforming Remnants, Dighton declined and requested that his new unit be located in his home town of Westridge. Thus the Westridge Brigade was formed and for Dighton, who never imagined in being this position, was now in charge. When appointing his staff, he added those he served with in Remnants of Lordaeron, including Terimas Manning, Aredin Hamilton, and others.

Third Legion Invasion

During his tenure as the commander of the brigade, Dighton would find himself in the middle of a conflict between his duty and morality, thus making him butt heads with those on his staff, most notably Aredin Hamilton. His toughest test as leader came during a campaign in Stormheim, when the mercenary — Carl Marcus, who was hired by Dighton's estranged brother — Elphias Davenwell, betrayed the brigade and killed the majority of their forces. This not only weighed heavy on Dighton's mind but it caused tensions between him and his own brother. Though his brother committed a treasonous act, Dighton was forced to decide between his own person desires and his duty. He ultimately chose to pardon Elphias under the condition that he would hunt down and bring the mercenary to justice.

Physical appearance

Dighton has two scars that run across his face from when he was captured and tortured by the Scarlet Crusade. Hints of grey would be seen on his scalp and beard but it still remains predominantly dark brown. Over all, Dighton has maintained his body by keeping it lean and muscular.

His armor is a combination of thorium and truesteel, giving it's blue-ish complexion. The gold accents were added when Dighton began to wear the armor. Dighton's shroud was had crafted by elves and was presented to him when he became a knight of the Silver Hand. The boarder of it bears the symbol of the Silver Hand alternating with the crest of Lordaeron. The shroud itself is draped over Dighton's left pauldron. The buckle of Dighton's belt is that of a golden mare rearing, which is the crest of House Davenwell.

Leolius, Westridge's Defender — once the blade of Leander Davenwell, was shattered when he was over run by a pack of orcs. It was discovered by Dighton following the Battle of Light's Hope Chapel. The lower part of the blade and hilt remains intact, but the upper section of the blade is shattered but held together with holy lightning. On the lower section of the blade, holy dwarvish runes spell out the motto of House Davenwell: "We press on."

Personality and traits

Dighton is a calm and collected individual, but very soft spoken. He is very devoted to the ways of the Holy Light and always does his best to stay true to the lessons that his mentor, Laithian Mercilium, taught him. However, his strongest traits also serve as a weakness. In contrast to Aredin Hamilton's lack of empathy, Dighton's genuine kindness and selflessness often makes him vulnerable for manipulation and trickery.

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