What is Discord

Discord is a free voice and text chat app designed specifically for gaming. Discord is both web based and app based. You can run it in your web browser or download a stand-alone client.

Discord can also be found for phones and tablets enable chatting on the go.

Discord for Windows can be downloaded here.

Once you add a discord server via your web browser you can close it and it should show up in the app.

List of Wyrmrest Accord Discord Servers

To add your server to the list, put a * then include the url of your server in a single square bracket set, add a space after it, then list the name of the server. Please note that your server should be open to random strangers dropping in. Add a little bit of information about your server but don't go overboard and don't make it an advertisement.

Discord servers that serve the general population of WRA should go under general. Horde and Alliance oriented servers should go under their respective parts of the list. Discords that aren't designed for the WRA community but related to wow belong under Non-WRA Discords.


  • Wyrmrest Wiki Support Server is a server just to ask for help with the Wiki and nothing more.
  • Wymrest Discord was founded by a now departed player named Slugworth. The server is now run by several WRA community members.

Alliance Discord Servers

Horde Discord Servers

Non-WRA Discords