Scarlet Highlord Dranageon Stormbreaker (born Dranageon Stevenson Smith) is a Templar of the holy light and a swashbuckler of the high seas, he has been involved with several organizations and guilds throughout his time on Wyrmrest accord.

Physical Description

Dranageon is of a muscular built roughly 6'4 weighing 250lbs, his body is shaped like a barrel, strong thick arms and a long full torso with two equally as long legs.

All up and down his body are burns with steal melted into them.

Dranageon has long redish brown hair and a thick brown beard, his right eye is a very un-naturally bright blue, almost unnervingly bright and to the other side his left eye covered by a brown leather eyepatch, protruding from either end diagonally are three slash marks, that may be from the teeth or claws of a beast slashing into the flesh.


Coming soon


"What's it worth when all that's left is hurt"

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