Dungath Ragefury[1] is the son of Kuhl Ragefury and a shaman who is versed in dark blood magic. He was allied with the Kor'kron and the Dark shaman cultists during Garrosh's reign as Warchief. He has since been exiled from the Horde and no wanders the land as a nomad.


Early life

Dungath Ragefury was born in the ancestral home of Bleeding Hollow clan, Tanaan Jungle. He was born with weak bones, his legs twisted and seemingly broken. His father, Kuhl Ragefury, believed that he would never amount to anything and suggested that he should be killed, though his mother refused. Kuhl had no love for Dungath, viewing his son to be weak and broken.

The First War

When the Dark Portal opened up to the new world, Dungath was barely of age to hold a weapon. He insisted on joining his clan in conquering the new world, wanting to prove his worth to his clan and the Horde. Dungath strapped himself on the back of a Tanaan wolf as a way to hide his disability from the rest of the Horde.

After going through the Dark Portal, Dungath managed to effectively combat the humans of Stormwind. However, when Kilrogg and the rest of the Bleeding Hollow decided to venture into Stranglethorn Vale, which reminded them of Tanaan Jungle, Dungath reluctantly followed suit. However, the Bleeding Hollow orcs were confronted by the Gurubashi trolls, who refused to share their lands with outsiders. The two forces would clash in battle. Due to their knowledge of the land, the Gurubashi launched a guerrilla campaign to drive the invading Bleeding Hollow out of the region. Many of the Bleeding Hollow orcs were killed during this conflict, including Kuhl.

Kilrogg and his Bleeding Hollow would eventually be ordered to retreat by Warchief Blackhand after he learned of the conflict and concluded that too many orcs were dying for no apparent gain.

Physical appearance

Personality and traits

Notes and references

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