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Odynae Dawnhammer is a young woman, often incredibly naive, who frequents Stormwind and other places in Azeroth.


Odynae, known as Dyna, was an orphan raised by the Church, and bears no memories prior to her 12th year where she was taken to be raised as a paladin. Her life was spent in an Abbey studying the Light and martial combat. Quite adept with the physical aspects of her training, she is less skilled with the subtleties of the Light, and often confuses her Holy magics- accidentally casting Flash of Light when she means to cast Exorcism, and vice verse. For this reason, she favors the path of Protection or Retribution, and shies away from any healing. She also often falls asleep during meditation or sermons.

Since leaving the Abbey on her 17th year, she has begun to frequent the seedier places of Stormwind in a valiant effort to understand the world around her. Most often found in the company of the rogue Gale-of-the-Wind, she has been slowly learning that the world is not what she once believed. In an effort to balance the harsh realities of the real world, with the Light and faith she was raised with, Odynae held a breath association with the Order of the Sepulchre. However, her stronger ties with Gale caused her to part ways with the Order, which did not approve of her choice in companions. Since, she's been struggling to figure things out without the help of the Church, which she finds increasingly judgemental and close-minded.






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