Eiluned Silkwhisper is a mature woman who struggles with her sense of identity and place in the world.


Born around two centuries ago in Eversong. Comes from a long line of musicians, all peasantry. Began training with the lyre around the age of fifty.

Fled a hopeless battle during the Scourge invasion of Quel'thalas from which she acquired her signature chin scar. Briefly joined the Blood Knights shortly before the Sin'dorei aligned with the Horde, but quit due to fear. Still retains her powers as a paladin which grow only stronger despite hiding the fact in public and claiming to do nothing to maintain them to those she confides in.


Wilfully abrasive, prone to mocking and insults, but her frequently generous and considerate actions belie her harsh words. Particularly dislikes the undead, though she is getting used to Forsaken (enough to play nice if it's to her benefit, at least). Death Knights have a long way to go in her eyes still.

Eiluned is very frank on sexual matters and somewhat aggressive about pursuing them. She seems generally oblivious to the sex and race (undead excepted) of her interests, rather personality, health and intellect are the criteria she espouses when discussing her attraction to others. Of late she's been obsessing about finding a good Sin'dorei man, but expressly for the purpose of having a child, with no intention of further relationship once pregnant. Her meticulousness about finding the best possible genetic father and seeming desperation to do so quickly has by turns bewildered and amused her friends.


Quickly grew attached to Lindiwe Brightmoon. Other Brightmoons, whether members of the family or Faire she treats by turns antagonistically and compassionately.



Eiluned is a real world Welsh name. It was chosen in reference to the tabletop RPG Changeling: The Dreaming by White Wolf Game Studios, but no specific characteristics tied to the name in that game have been deliberately implemented in the characterisation of this Eiluned.

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