"Draw steel and light the fires boys and girls! It's time to go to work!"

- Korwynn Fairhaven

About Us

The Eldritch Blades Adventuring Company is a collection of warriors and spellslingers, adventurers from the far corners of Azeroth and  beyond. We seek to uphold the tenets of honor, to protect any an all knowledge and to hunt down and destroy those who would threaten the mortal races of the alliance. With that purpose in mind, we explore the ancient ruins and dungeons of Azeroth and Outland in search of ancient magic and relics of power with which to battle the various villains that threaten the Alliance. Draw steel and light the fires boys and girls, it's time to go to work.... So you comin' or not?

Brief Back-Story

The original Eldritch Blades Adventuring Company was founded by Idonis Ravencroft and the Druidess Keylith Moonbreeze about a year ago ago. After several turns of bad luck and betrayal from several members the guild was disbanded. Recently Idonis has passed the mantle of Leadership to the Archmage Korwynn Fairhaven who has reforged the Eldritch Blades and they have now begun recruiting in earnest in an attempt to attract new members and bolster themselves for the fights yet to come.

OOC Information

The Eldritch Blades is a Light RP/PvE guild who accepts all races and factions under the banner of the Alliance. The main focus of the Guild is to promote and actively role play on the server, but do not discourage PvE or PvP pursuits. Guild chat is OOC, while IC chat is in a custom channel and explained as the use of a magic item called a Speaking Stone to allow spoken communication over any distance, with an active OOC. New RPs are welcomed, so don’t be intimidated! Feel free to contact Korwynn, or any of the Officers listed below for more IC or OOC information on the guild. To join up with The Eldritch Blades a few IC and OOC questions will be asked of you upon applying.


Contact any of the officers below in-game for more information or to join the guild.

  • Korwynn
  • Dreadwind
  • Thangore
  • Nikkole
  • Siasa
  • Sierralynn

External Links

Armory Page

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