"Shackled only by our own limitations of pursuit."
—Sunsorrow House Words
Elesandre Sunsorrow is a lieutenant of a small Sunreaver order under the name of "Sunfire Section" and a patriotic noble of the Sin'dorei. While she has remained along the home front of much of the wars that have plagued Azeroth, the second coming of the Burning Legion has prompted her into action once more— seeking to not only help remove such an enemy, but also to strengthen her people back to their former glory.


Born of Arcanist Mathanis Sunsorrow and raised within the High Elven society, schooling was well within reach. Under her father's hand and mind, Elesandre was introduced to the notion of the arcane at an early age. First, Thalassian texts had to be mastered before moving onwards to the vast magical tomes, scrolls, and - with enough perseverance - live demonstrations.

Mathanis was known for his knowledge on the basic level of arcane, unaffected by the display of ice or fire. While it may have appeared to be mediocre in comparison, his power ran deep. Like it had proved many before her, this depth of knowledge proved to be a suitable building block for his daughter to grow upon in her blossoming years.

Considering his ranking and ties within the Magistery, however, Elesandre was also introduced to the components of noble life spread out through her youth. Much a social butterfly within his society, Mathanis brought many within his home for many a reason: socializing, mentoring, and answering the calls of any audience that sought to be heard. Contracts were made aplenty, spanning over numerous businesses and trades scattered across the grand Quel'Thalas— some of which that exist still, despite the changing of time and of the Quel'dorei people.

Third War and the Scourge

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