Physical Description

Elivasth is a male Blood Elf. He's quite tall for a Blood Elf, and very skinny. He wears robes of fine silk infused with Arcane energy. He also carries around a blade of exquisite craftsmen ship. His hood encompasses his entire head and hides his eyes. there is parchment held to his shoulders by wax. He can sometimes be seen wearing his old robes, which allow his orange hair to flow free and his bright green eyes to be seen.


Elivasth is a quite person, usually reading a new book or working on a new spell. He's very introverted, and much prefers the company of a good book then of another living being. When he does speak he does so with a sort of authority, even when he has none. He is however much less introverted around good friends or family.


Before the war:

Elivasth was born in the Athri estate before the third war. His family had lived there for generations, and most of them were magi. From a young age Elivasth showed interest in the arcane, and a small degree of control over it, surprising his parents. Because of his innate ability his parents trained him solely in the field of arcane magic, instead of having him study fire or frost magic as well. He trained most of his life and became a magister by the time he was a young adult.

After the War:

Once the Blood Elves got Silvermoon back, Eli discovered his home of Athri manor mostly intact. He took up the mantle of head of the house since his father died in the war, and as such used what was left of his coin to pay for the place to be repaired. After it was, his brother showed up, a brother who Eli hadn't heard from since before the war. He was ecstatic to have him back, but it would be short lived. His brother disappeared again after a few months. He fought in many campaigns after this. During the Draenor Campaign he joined up with house Sunhammer.

The Legions Return:

A few hours after the legion returned Athri manor was Smashed by a large infernal and is yet to be rebuilt. Since this Elivasth has been fighting in the invasions and on the Broken Isles to get his revenge.



Eli has two siblings, A twin brother and an Adopted sister

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