"Do you think I was just hiding out at sea like a coward? I was putting my life on the line for my king and for the Alliance! I may not walk the same path as you brother, but I'll be damned to let you undermine what I've done in the last fifteen years!"
—Elphias Davenwell

Captain Elphias Davenwell[1] is a high-ranking naval officer of the Royal Stormwind Navy and the captain of the powerful warship, the Tideripper. He is the son of Leander and Andrilla Davenwell and the estranged younger brother of Dighton Davenwell.[1]

During the Third Legion invasion, Elphias reconnected with his elder brother and co-founded the Westridge Brigade where he was named the Commanding Officer of their naval forces.


Early life

Elphias Davenwell was born to Sir Leander Davenwell of the Brotherhood of the Horse and Andrilla Davenwell (née Phillips) seven years before the First War in Stormwind City. Elphias spent the majority of his youth in the shadow of his older brother, Dighton Davenwell. Elphias led an ordinary life until the initial Orcish invasion of Azeroth which resulted in Stormwind's destruction. Elphias and his family were one of the many refugees who traveled to Lordaeron for sanctuary.

During his time in Lordaeron, Elphias felt secluded from his family due to his father and brother's focus on the war efforts. However, Elphias maintained a close bond with his mother while his father and brother were fighting the Orcish Horde.

Sometime before the Third War, Elphias moved back to Stormwind City where he joined the Stormwind Navy.

Naval Career

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War Against the Bloodsail

Battle of Bladefist Bay

Battle for Lion's Landing

Siege of Orgrimmar

Westridge Brigade

Forming Alliances

Devious Dealings

Physical appearance

Elphias, similar to his older brother Dighton, had a head of golden-brown hair and sea green eyes. He also has well-trimmed sideburns. He is often seen wearing a blue naval overcoat and a captain's hat. He keeps two muskets and a cutlass hidden on his person at all times.

Personality and traits

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Notes and references

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