"Most think the Reliquary but simple archaeologists. The truth is far more complex, and to understand the Reliquary, one must understand Quel'Thalas. We secure the past to ensure the future. We claim the mantle of our people's arcane birthright, and the wisdom to forever seal off that which is not meant in this world.

Our Southern Chapter serves the principle goal of improving the tactical security of Quel'Thalas and Thalassian interests. The Reliquary is not a monolith, but a reflection of Thalassian society itself, an echo of the world when Anasterian still reigned. The Southern Chapter does our part to ensure our children's future, will you do yours?"

Quel'medivh Entilzha Felo'aseasl, High Keeper of the Reliquary Southern Chapter.

Entilzha Firesong is a Sin'dorei Magister and Reliquary Senior Examiner and Lord Arcanist of House Firesong, Potentate of his family's secluded hereditary seat, Ashal'Thalas. Entilzha actively leads Reliquary Southern Chapter, their duties spread far beyond. Lord Firesong played a major role in the Suramar theatre of the Third Legion War, though worked previously as an excavator, and actively builds the strength of the Reliquary unit under his command for operations on the ancient Broken Isles as the war there begins to wind down.

However with continued Legion bombardment, defending sites of interest and preventing Legion gains remains an overarching concern, though Entilzha and the Reliquary soon hope to be able to give excavations at places as the sunken elven town of Lian'tril, the Ley-Ruins of Zarenakaar, proper and due research as could not be afforded during wartime. With a long list of locations and items inevitably happened upon operating on the Broken Isles, Entilzha is eager to support and extend the High Examiner's work in Azsuna and Suramar, and uncover the arcane might of his arcane ancestors.

inherited hereditary lordship of Ashal'Thalas upon the death of his father Xarian Firesong during the sack of Quel'Thalas, and while a small coastal enclave east of the Ghostlands, the thousand or so civilians in Ashal'Thalas means much to Entilzha, and the conservative elves of the sleepy enclave generally view House Firesong as protective of their traditions and ways, notably Entilzha's sister, Sun Matriarch Salandra Firesong..

Lord of House of Firesong and ruler of Ashal'Thalas, Entilzha was and is a fervent Thalassian nationalist and advocate of unity and independence from what he views as the squabbles of the horde and alliance. Entilzha rides the powerful manasaber Zin-thali in combat, though his preference for purebred white hawkstriders remains strong outside of combat situations, with a small hawkstrider and dragonhawk breeding operation present in the wilds of Ashal'Thalas.

Entilzha is a prolific writer and the author of a number of published worked, most notably, A Thalassian Century, which sets forth an incremental plan to fully heal Quel'Thalas and return to full sovereignty within century, following an initial strategy of renegotiating Silvermoon's horde membership as a series of state to state parties, a position from which, Firesong argues, Quel'Thalas may negotiate more "suitable" alliances, naming only the Draenei and Nightborne as examples of suitable races.

Following the Amani Uprising in which Lord Firesong activated the defense forces of Ashal'Thalas and issued a general levy in face of the troll menace, with them squashed as his forces moved into their former positions in the Western Ghostlands, Entilzha decided to push ahead after the trolls were largely quelled, leading House of Firesong in the ambitious Ghostlands Campaign, a contest against the undead and elements in the south and seeking to purify if not all, large swatches of the south from undead hands, undead surroundings. The effort saw many small groves restored, but failed to draw the needed support from Silvermoon to overcome losses. It also remains in question what true healing in the south is possible lacking Thas'alah.

Entilzha is notably proud of his heritage and people, working to this day in the Ghostlands and afar to see that his nation has a bright and hopeful future, especially his seven year old daughter Ysandre.

Entilzha helped construct The Arshaz to hold Legion souls at the outbreak of the third Legion War, and has been heavily involved in the conflict's Suramar theatre, working to raise the Thera-dora and gaining a local ally in House of Devaux. As a mage he moves often between Suramar, Ashal'Thalas, and the rest of Quel'Thalas, but rests most often among his people in Ashal'Thalas.

Early Life

Entilzha is nearing his 2,000th birthday, and grew up in the shadow of the Troll War, its veterans the elders he revered as a child, those whom had returned the endless serenity he was sure would never end. The son of Lord Xarian Firesong and wife Ranger-Lieutenant Ariella Firesong, Entilzha grew up largely in Ashal'Thalas, the hereditary holdings of House Firesong in southern Quel’Thalas, known today as the Ghostlands. An energetic young elf, described by his grandmother Sun Matriarch A'malia Firesong as a handful, Entilzha’s earliest memories are of running through the lush forests of southern Quel’Thalas, and of the seemingly endlessly tall spires towering from Silvermoon when he was first taken there at a few years old.

Coming from a family line known for learned mages, and the presumptive heir to his father’s Lordship, Entilzha’s arcane talent was recognized from a young age and began lessons at the Falthrien Academy at eight years old, though many of his earlier lessons were broad in nature, covering history, the Thalassian language and such topics.

Although unknown to Entilzha, his father Xarian assured his young son was not overburdened so as to not enjoy his youth. While never especially close with his father given his duties, when he learned of such after his father fell, he lamented having not known him better, but unbeknownst to Entilzha, it was his father whom assured he had those fond early memories he now deeply treasures of the pristine Quel'Thalas he once called home.

Entilzha’s sister Salandra was born some three centuries after her brother, after he had been admitted for a more rigorous magical education, beginning at the Sunspire across from the academy, though as he progressed, his studies gravitated to Quel'Danas. Utterly awed by the beauty and power of the Sunwell, Entilzha, recognizing that he would soon enough be expected to take on a larger role within House Firesong, devoted himself to his studies with a passionate vigor, spending about a century training under Grand Magister Belo'vir until he himself was named a Magister of Silvermoon, one of the greatest honors in his life through to the present and a capacity in which he still serves, with of course periods of interruption.

Entilzha came to display impressive command of wards and protective magics, and grew fond of illusion magics initially for comedic value, then as both a means of offense, defense, subterfuge, and entertainment. His passion was and remains the Sunwell itself and Entilzha retains an intimate, personal relationship with the Well. His study of the arcane and the secrets of the Sunwell would carry on for centuries, developing a keen interest in ley lines, portals, and abjuration.

Salandra's path was quite different, and she came to envy the freedoms her brother was afforded. With her mother refusing the Sun Crown, the symbol of the female head of House Firesong, Salandra was brought up by her grandmother, Sun Matriarch A'malia Firesong, formerly A'malia Dawnstar, though from a cadet line.

Salandra was brought up to be a "proper lady" with hardly a spare moment and the two shared little in common in their youth, though Entilzha was fiercely protective of his sister, once bloodying an elf whom has made advances unsuited to a lady of her stature. Entilzha and Salandra grew closer with time as they each settled into their respective roles, and Entilzha credits his sister with much of the deep-rooted love of Quel'dorei culture for which he now fights.

The Second War


Fall of Eternal Spring


Suramar and The Reliquary


Ent nightwell

Entilzha with future wife Morgane Devaux, shortly after the liberation of Suramar

Political Views

Entilzha is a staunch traditionalist Thalassian nationalist, rejecting notions of elven imperialism and supporting a full reconciliation and return to sovereignty for the nation and people of Quel'Thalas. Loyal to the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas but careful to keep House Firesong's service to their nation centered around Ashal'Thalas and the Ghostlands, House Firesong strives to maintain a position of political neutrality, placing much responsibility for unnecessary strife on both power hungry Sin'dorei and Quel'dorei nobles, whom stir up conflict when peace is broadly desired.

Advocating for full Sin'dorei sovereignty and the restoration of the elfgates, Entilzha believes the foreign presence in Quel'Thalas should be reduced, and adamantly opposes any Forsaken presence, viewing the increasingly unstable undead faction as perhaps the gravest long term threat. Entilzha however does not advocate isolationism, but alliances between equals on grounds of mutual benefit and respect.

Elements among the humans working to reclaim Lordaeron, seen as vital partners in the ultimate goal of the Ghostlands Campaign, the eradication of the plague in Quel'Thalas and Lordaeron, as well as Draenei, Tauren, Pandaren, and Shal'dorei. Entilzha and House Firesong wholly support the growing neutrality and independence movement in Quel'Thalas, and count horde loyalists and imperialists among chief ideological and political opponents, as Entilzha places peace, unity, strength, and a proud, renewed Quel'Thalas above all else.

Entilzha elects to bide him time and spend his effort and resources supporting just, pro-Quel'Thalas neutral causes, and the continued healing of southern Quel'Thalas, intending with time to launch or contribute to a wider effort to restore the south, building upon the lessons learned in the difficult Ghostlands Campaign. Politically speaking Entilzha will always place the interests of Quel'Thalas and the preservation of its ancient culture first, though with increased pragmatism over years past, and steadfast resolve to assure the return of Quel'Thalas to its rightful glory takes place within the lifetime of his daughter Ysandre, and hopefully himself as well.

Firesong's position is somewhat precarious, as he's far too horde-skeptical and favorable of reconciliation with the Quel'dorei to reach alliance with the more militant Quel'Thalas Lords, he's often viewed as xenophobic among others of neutral alignment. Being of neutral alignment and seeking to keep Ashal'Thalas firmly out of the horde-alliance conflict and build support for a larger restoration effort in the Ghostlands, Entilzha maintains friendly relations with other horde-skeptical and pro-reconciliation forces, whom he often finds both more interested in matters beyond the Kingdom than in it, and more tolerant of racial mixing than one raised in the conservative Ashal'Thalas, which has faithfully maintained a ban on non-elves entering since its inception.

Regardless, promising alliances aligned with House Firesong's priorities are a scarce commodity given recent consolidations among the power structure of Silvermoon. Elements viewed as extremist or pro-imperial, stand against House Firesong's neutral, pro-soverignty and pro-reconciliation policies and such nobles are often at odds, sometimes rising to violence or assassination attempts. House Firesong lists these orders beside the Silver Covenant as war criminals seeking to exploit a senseless divide for the power of their Lords. As an outspoken critic of imperialism or widening the Sin'dorei-Quel'dorei divide and master abjurer, Lord Firesong is well prepared for assassination attempts, which transpire not uncommonly. He is known to have deep, likely personal divides with elements of the Quel'dorei diaspora, and while Ashal'Thalas is friendly to Quel'dorei, his sister Salandra retaining her natural blue eyes, he's come to see the major figures, much as on the Sin'dorei side, as stoking the flames of mistrust for their own power, with no interest in unity.

The entry of non-local Quel'dorei into Ashal'Thalas is severely curtailed, as all residents of Ashal'Thalas are registered as Sin'dorei regardless of eye color, having sworn oaths to the Lord Regent. Entilzha has grown deeply mistrustful of the Quel'dorei aligned with the Alliance, and exercises tighter controls than is necessary, barring entrance to all Silver Covenant and related orders, generally only admitting a few nonresident Quel'dorei a year, mostly personal friends of Lady Salandra from her time in the Hinterlands and at Allerian. Having seen the diaspora, Entilzha worries that if reconciliation is not reached soon, it very well never will, or with the rate at which the self-exiles appropriate non-Thalassian customs and partners, endanger the very nature of Quel'Thalas as a Thalassian state. Entilzha quietly admits that he expects most of the civilians to continue returning in trickles, with the Silver Covenant likely to breed into non-existence. Entilzha however very much desires a reconciliation, but knows well it will not happen without the fall of several powerful figures on both the Sin'dorei and Quel'dorei sides, a view something said Lords and Ladies are keenly aware of.

Lord Firesong has therefore survived several assassination attempts, a master abjurer he typically dons several layers of warding, and depending on the situation and timing, is often accompanied by his person guard or Thera-dora eyes, as Entilzha's willingness to speak what he views as the truth about the future of the Thalassian people, and the danger of following extremist paths. It's noteworthy that most of Firesong's policy objectives, are shared by the Sunfury Spire, though the polarization among the nobility has done much to offset that, with Lord Theron seemingly hesitant to intervene.

Entilzha might find allies on the other side of the political spectrum, though formally neutral sects whom initially showed promise as potential allies with a strongly neutral position, but with a seemingly intentional disregard for Quel'Thalas itself, are described by Entilzha as essentially having abandoned Quel'Thalas for interests elsewhere, and has come to focus increasingly on Ashal'Thalas and Suramar until the inevitable rebalancing of Thalassian politics occurs, if it may well take a few decades.

Regardless, Entilzha and House Firesong do seek friendship and alliance, not only among the noble houses of Silvermoon, but among any whom might aid in the restoration of the Ghostlands. The noble allies sought, nationalist but not overly xenophobic and not imperialistic, with a focus on healing Quel'Thalas and reduced, intelligent contact with the outside is one Entilzha firmly believe is in the hearts of most Sin'dorei, and as such he's inclined to patience, pursuing goals in Suramar and rebuilding House Firesong's direct forces so as to fully capitalize for when attitudes in the Kingdom shift toward what Firesong calls the "tradition-based, experience inspired rational path". Druids and shaman would be needed for restoration in the Ghostlands.

Entilzha's Quel'dorei sister, Salandra Firesong, often represents the political interest of House Firesong in his stead, and Salandra also handles most matters related to religion and the Light, which the dedicated leywalker and arcanist is ill suited and states feeling out of place. Asserting House Firesong's presence and views is a central goal of both, though without rush to begin a second bloody Ghostlands war but to help forge the ties that will isolate extremist nobles and re-enter the Sin'dorei on their own land and destiny.

Entilzha works towards focusing the horde-skeptical elements of Thalassian Society back on Quel'Thalas and not looking extensively outward as he feels many do, striking a balance though one that places his value on home. As an magister, he's always seeking to expand his circles to include like-minded mages, as restoring the Arkhana'dorah, the Arcane Circle of Ashal'Thalas, stands as a priority of his rule, alongside efforts to restore the Ghostlands, efforts Entilzha is determined to wade through all of the political slime he must to see brought to full realization.

Notes and Attribution

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