"Most think the Reliquary but simple archaeologists. The truth is far more complex, and to understand the Reliquary, one must understand Quel'Thalas. We secure the past to ensure the future. We claim the mantle of our people's arcane birthright, and the wisdom to forever seal off that which is not meant in this world."
—Entilzah Firesong

Lord Entilzha Firesong is a Thalassian Magister, Reliquary Archivist and Lord Arcanist of House of Firesong. He is married to Jandyssa Firesong and has two children, Ysandre Firesong and Xarian Thalon Firesong II as well as a niece, Bela Azurewind.

At nearly two thousand years of age, Entilzha grew up in the shadows of the Troll War, residing in his family's southern Quel'Thalas holding of Ashal'Thalas. His political views have been described as traditionalist or Thalassian nationalist, and he views his work among the magistrate and reliquary as essential to healing and strengthening Quel'Thalas.

Entilzha is notably proud of his heritage and people, working to this day in the Ghostlands and afar to see that his nation has a bright and hopeful future, especially his seven year old daughter Ysandre.

Following the Amani Uprising in which Lord Firesong activated the defense forces of Ashal'Thalas and issued a general levy in face of the troll menace, with them squashed as his forces moved into their former positions in the Westerm Ghostlands, Entilzha decided to put led House of Firesong in the ambitious Ghostlands Campaign, a contest against the undead and elements in the south and seeking to purify if not all, large swatches of the south from undead hands, undead surroundings. The effort saw many small groves restored, but failed to draw the needed support from Silvermoon to overcome losses. It also remains in question what true healing in the south is possible lacking Thas'alah.

Entilzha led a Sin'dorei detachment to Azsuna and Suramar during the Third Legion War, where he befriended the Nightborne Morgane Devaux, forming the Thera-dora from Shalassian refugees during the Suramar Civil War. He was a strong advocate of formalized ties between Silvermoon and Suramar that have since become a reality.[1]

Notes and references

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