Physical Description

Faenileda is a sin'dorei of average height, with muscles built by hours of work at the forge.  Her skin is tanned, with scars visible on her arms when she is not wearing long sleeves.  Her hair is a deep, crimson red with shots of gray beginning to creep in at her temples. She keeps it braided in a long, waist-length braid. 


Blunt, fiery, sometimes irascible.


(Known as Faenileda Sunhammer) Retired head of House Sunhammer, its holdings, and the family business when not deployed in theater.


"Anything can be killed. It's a matter of where to stab."



Wife of Lethdor Morningshard

Mother of Illithien and Ria Sunhammer

External Links

Faenileda Armory

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