Falthanar Phoenixshield is a spellbreaker and the Lord of Ash Keep. He is one of few remaining High Elf spellbreakers, his services and resources sworn to the Dawnsworn Covenant to honor an allegiance forged between the House of Dawnsworn and the House of Dawnsworn thousands of years ago. Although he does not accompany the Grand Duchess to noble affairs, he is often present to the Court of the Dawnsworn and councils pertinent to Quel'dorei interests.

Like Aelorelle, the Lord of Ash Keep hopes to see a more prominent High Elf presence within Stormwind City. He is a man of candor who is known for seldom sugarcoating the truth.


It is said when word reached Falthanar of Aelorelle's death, he retreated into Ash Keep and never again left when summoned. A despair has since befallen the Baron and his serfs.

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