The Fellowship of Feathers is a co-inhabiting community of elves that exist under the sanctuary and protection of House Pyreanor. These elves have strange or unusual features that may otherwise endanger their survival even though they're not hostile to the general population. The most common unusual feature is feathered wings, which comes from two different origins. The two primary origins of these features are Felblood Elves who fled Kael'thas' forces, unhappy with becoming monsters, and the other origin is elves who were the victims of malicious magisters doing experiments on living subjects. Elves with other deformations, such as wretched variants and Demon Hunters who don't want to kill the horned bird-elves are also welcome among the flock.

The Fellowship of Feathers seems to have developed its own unique, almost tribal, culture in some ways. Twice a year the feathered elves go into a molt and they all wear woven shawls decorated with plumes during their regrowth peiod then have a small festival of food, drink, and dancing where each member of the flock presents their new plumage to celebrate the end of molt.

Most of these elves wear enchanted neck-pieces that make them look normal and uninteresting to bypassers, and those with wings use special binders to strap them down under robes and cloaks.

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