The Felshatter Offensive is a loose organization of dozens, perhaps hundreds of factions and armies, crusaders and criminals alike who know no boundaries, no masters, and have no purpose but destroying those who would see Azeroth burn.


Knowing well the calamity that would befall Azeroth should the Legion not stand opposed, the greatest heroes of the age have rallied their forces to strike back against the demonic invaders; but little ground can, or has been gained, and already, Azeroth’s greatest champions stand on the brink of losing it all.

Realizing that conventional warfare no not subvert this new invasion, that numbers and weaponry alone cannot defeat an endless army, leaders and war veterans from all over Azeroth have come together, setting aside their differences and titles for the sake of waging a new kind of war, a war of all out desperation.

Casting aside rules, forsaking any laws, treaties or doctrines that once held them in check, these champions and those who rally behind them are prepared to sacrifice even their humanity in the effort of pushing back the Legion once again, and perhaps for ever. Only those with the will to fight total annihilation with savagery and tireless zeal should apply, but be weary; for those who join together, there can be no direction but forward, no option but victory, and absolutely no compromise.

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