"Trust in yourself and keep moving forward."
—Feyahni Lan'thel

Feyahni Lan'thel is a ren'dorei shadowstalker.


Early Years

Feyahni was born during a time of relative peace in the kingdom of Quel'thalas. She was raised as the only daughter of Vesryn and Cenrise Lan'thel, the former a farstrider and the latter an accomplished magister. In an attempt to ascertain her magical and physical proficiencies, her parents both tried to cultivate her interests along the lines of what they were each familiar with. However, Feyahni seemed to have no innate grasp of the Arcane and was not very in tune with the woodsy, survival elements of the farstriders despite her love of outdoor physical activity. Vesryn and Cenrise did, however, discover that their daughter seemed to have a certain affinity for Shadow magic, the young elf sometimes inadvertently calling upon Void energy in unintended and volatile ways. Witnessing this, her parents discouraged her from exploring the Shadow any further, warning her that such dark energies often led others to evil and madness. They forbade her from doing anything that would encourage the Void to manifest and instead encouraged her to live the mostly normal life of a civilian merchant. For a time they pushed her to take up an apprenticeship as an engineer. Feyahni carried on this way for many years of her early life, channeling her physicality and curiosity into the creation and maintenance of useful devices for the citizens of Quel'thalas.


Feyahni as a Blood Elf.

Feyahni remained ignorant of much of what went on in the world outside of Quel'thalas, learning only what little she knew through books and word of mouth. She and the rest of her people had little interest in the dealings of other races. During the Second War, she and her family took up refuge within Silvermoon City while the Horde crashed against its magical barrier. But once the greater majority of Horde forces abandoned the assault and the Amani were pushed back, life somewhat returned to normal. Then everything changed during the Third War when the forces of the Scourge nearly wiped out the entire population of Quel'thalas. Realizing the futility of the defense effort, Vesryn and Cenrise decided that survival was more important than dying for a lost cause. They took their daughter and fled to one of the far corners of the kingdom, away from the path the Scourge took on its way to the Sunwell. When the Sunwell was destroyed, Feyahni and her family turned to sources of Fel magic, along with what remained of their people, to ease their Arcane withdrawals. They struggled to rebuild their lives and became known as blood elves, their eyes turning green as their bodies were saturated with Fel energy. It was at that time that Feyahni decided that being a simple merchant of trinkets wasn't good enough. She felt that she needed to do more for her people -- to be able to stand and fight for what was left instead of being a helpless civilian. Vesryn and Cenrise realized that it was time they allowed their daughter to explore her affinity for the Shadow. They had already turned to the Fel to survive their Arcane withdrawals as it was. Ultimately, Feyahni chose to use the Shadow to augment the athleticism she had acquired in her time spent training with her father. So her parents hired the help of a master shadowstalker named Jareth Flameshadow to teach her.

Shadowstalker Training

For the next few years, Feyahni spent her time learning to fight and to control her use of Void energy. Flameshadow forced her to master many different one-handed weapons but encouraged her to focus mostly on the use of smaller daggers. He taught her how to throw small pointed stars and throwing knives with deadly precision and how to quicken her reflexes so that she could avoid similar attacks. Lastly and most importantly, he imparted his knowledge of the Shadow onto her, teaching her how to harness it properly so that it did not harm her and reigning her in when it threatened to break her will and resolve. In time, Feyahni learned all that Flameshadow had to teach; and so he put her through a final test. He trapped her and another of his students in a cellar, barring the door and forcing them to fight to the death. Feyahni won the fight, though not without difficulty; and her opponent's life was saved by a priest Flameshadow had hired for the occasion.

Her training complete, Flameshadow sent her out into the world to put her skills into practice. But before she had the chance to do so, she met a hunter-turned-priestess named Velalanna Morningstrider. The two hit it off quickly and bonded over shared stories of their life experiences. It wasn't long before they became best friends. Soon after, Feyahni began her attempts to strike out on her own. She began by learning some of what Velalanna and her mate, Lothmoar Fir'serra, had to teach her. Fey sparred with both of them and learned the true limits of her abilities before heading off to the real battlefield of Ashran on Draenor. Her first forays away from the camp of Warspear were nerve-racking, but she kept taking small steps, each outing becoming more daring and dangerous than the last. She also spent some time in the medical tents, doing what she could to help the healers and medics tend to wounded Horde soldiers.

First Kill and Striking Out

Her ever more daring outings culminated one day in a plan to follow another Horde soldier onto the field of battle while remaining hidden by the Shadow. Spotting a fierce-looking orc warrior leaving the camp, she tailed him from a safe distance until the two were deep into the war zone. It was then that a kaldorei sentinel sprang upon Feyahni's unsuspecting comrade. The orc fought valiantly but was eventually knocked to the ground. As the sentinel prepared her killing blow, Feyahni lept from the shadows and plunged her daggers through the kaldorei's back, saving the orc's life. While the orc was grateful, the experience left its mark on Feyahni. For the first time she began to question if the path of the shadowstalker was truly right for her. Her next few nights were filled with the after effects of shock and a lingering sense of doubt.

Over time she came to accept what had happened more and more. She continued venturing out into Ashran, killing a human rogue in an ambush during one of her scouting missions. This kill, however, was in self defense; and it made her feel more at ease and justified in her actions. Her final foray onto the battlefield of Ashran was with Velalanna. During this scouting mission Fey and Vela were set upon by a mated pair of druids. In defense of her best friend, Fey slit the female druid's throat as Vela fended of its attack with the Light. Fey and Vela allowed the male to take his defeated mate and leave the battlefield alive. However, things were never the same between Fey and Vela after that. The two were clearly growing apart, Fey moving more toward a life of adventure, duty, and even killing while Vela was moving more toward one of love, family, and peace. In time, the two drifted completely apart, Vela settling down with her lover Lothmoar and their family and Fey continuing on without her best friend any longer at her side.

The Grey Vigil and the Death of a Friend

For the next year Feyahni joined a few different organizations as she searched for a way to serve in an official capacity, striking out on her own for a time when Burning Legion made its return to Azeroth. She fought for a short time in both Val'sharah and Suramar aiding both the kaldorei and the shal'dorei in their efforts. During this time she developed a deep respect for the other elven races and began to realize more and more how much the prejudice that existed between them needed to be put aside. During this same period of time, each organization she joined fell apart for its own reasons. Some came to an end when their members simultaneously went their separate ways while others ended as members basically revolted against oppressive and poor leadership. One of these organizations was the Order of the Faded Sacrament. During her time there, Feyahni was able to rise to the position of second-in-command. As the other members united under her leadership, she began to stand up to her commander in an attempt to fix what was wrong with the organization. Being met by nothing but hostility, threats, and stonewalling, Feyahni decided to leave the order, taking everyone who had grown to trust in her most with her. They wound up forming a new group called The Grey Vigil. A mage named Amaranth, one of the founding members, offered up land he had recently come into possession of as a base of operations for the new organization. This land would become known as the Grey Refuge. However, shortly after the Vigil was formed, Amaranth went off on a mission to find his brother who was previously believed to have been dead. In the process, Amaranth himself was betrayed and killed by his brother Aeson who had revealed himself as an agent of the Burning Legion. Aeson then attempted to lead the rest of the Vigil into a trap but was killed in the process. However the damage was done.

Feyahni had grown close to Amaranth over the course of forming their new group, and so his death hit her incredibly hard. It was the first time since the Third War that she had experienced such loss and the first time she had ever lost anyone so close to her. It was something she dealt with largely on her own as she received surprisingly little sympathy from the rest of her trusted comrades. Her anger for their lack of compassion was something she never could fully get past. Membership in the Vigil began to wane, and those who Feyahni felt were her friends continued to become more and more detached both emotionally and physically. In the end, The Grey Vigil dissolved, many who once held prominent positions simply packing up and leaving the refuge without a word. It was a sad, anticlimactic ending to what once seemed so promising.


Following the dissolution of The Grey Vigil, Feyahni threw herself into her work and duty. The fight against the Burning Legion was coming to a head; and so she resolved to do her part as she had always meant to do, independent of any specific organization or brotherhood. She spent months on the battlefields of both the Broken Shore and Argus, aiding in precision strikes against targets of opportunity and acting as a combat medic, rendering first aid to wounded soldiers and pulling them to safety with her skills in concealment and stealth. When the war against the Legion finally came to an end, she found herself slightly lost. She returned home to Silvermoon City, shell-shocked and not at all the same person she had been upon first striking out. Sadly, her well-deserved homecoming was not meant to last. Alleria Windrunner’s incident at the Sunwell sparked a renewed intolerance for any and all dabbling in shadow magic and the Void. Over the course of the war against the Legion, Feyahni’s abilities, which were previously known to only a select few, had become officially recognized by sin’dorei authorities. Despite her record of service and sacrifice, she, along with many others, was exiled from Silvermoon and Quel’thalas.

Beset by feelings of intense loss and betrayal, Feyahni shared a tearful goodbye with her parents. She swore she would find a way to see them again before making her way out of Quel’thalas. Amongst the rest of the Horde, things no longer seemed right. The tides of aggression appeared to be slowly rising once again, and Feyahni felt nothing but incredibly out of place. She knew that many other exiles had taken to seeking out Alleria Windrunner as someone who would understand their plight and be able to help them. With nowhere left to go and all other options seeming to lead nowhere, she decided to follow the rest of her exiled kin. She and the other outcasts went with Alleria to Telogrus Rift after following clues left behind by Magister Umbric and his fanatics. There, she and all the other sin’dorei present were caught up in Nether Prince Durzaan’s spell and were forever changed as the Void became a part of their very beings.

Physical appearance

Feyahni exemplifies many signature features of her race. Her dark hunter green hair is almost always pulled up into a high ponytail. A youthful visage is accented by pale indigo skin and usually devoid of heavy cosmetics. Her full bust is evident but well-bound even in her more revealing leathers. A slim, fit midriff gives way to shapely, feminine hips; and the muscles of her arms and legs are lean and toned. At a glance she appears to have led a life of intense physical training in speed, endurance and agility. She is also free of any noticeable scars or special markings.

Personality and traits

Quiet and soft-spoken are two traits that accurately describe Feyahni's typical demeanor. She is unusually humble and friendly for an elf. While many of her people look down their noses at other races and bask in their imagined superiority, she is rather inclusive, never elevating herself arbitrarily above others. The traumas of conflict and her Void transformation are often evident in the way she carries herself. Because of this she can at times seem withdrawn, unconfident, or even mentally distraught. When provoked on sensitive subjects, she easily becomes agitated and passionate. Yet through it all she tries to maintain focus and control, remaining for the most part well-adjusted and approachable when she can and fighting against becoming totally hardened or broken like so many others.

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