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Feyawen Nightfury is an ancient priestess of the goddess Elune, a former commander of the Sentinel Army and the current Keeper of the Silverwing Sentinels. Though she serves the Alliance, she values the preservation of Darnassus and her people above all else. Her matronly nature and her political connections in the Sisterhood can make her a strong ally or a formidable foe. 


Early Life and Politics

When Feyawen was young, she lived in the village of Kalanaar, which her father presided over as Lord Nightfury, one of the few well-known kaldorei lords in the northern forests of the Kaldorei Empire. From a young age, Feyawen was accustomed to managing household duties and assisting her father in matters of diplomacy. Often, she went in her father’s stead to meet with neighboring lords and ladies, to extend Lord Nightfury’s goodwill or coordinate assaults against encroaching frost trolls from the north.

After the birth of her youngest sister, Anwen, Feyawen was tasked with looking after her while Lady Nightfury recovered from the difficult birth. However, Anwen disappeared under Feyawen’s care. Convinced that fey creatures were involved in this somehow, Feyawen tried to convince her family but to no avail. Lord Nightfury and his followers believed that Anwen was abducted by a political rival and they criticized Feyawen’s failure as a responsible member of the house. Shocked and aggrieved, Feyawen took it upon herself to track her lost sister into the wilds of the northern forests. There, she had a chance meeting with folk from the fey realm, the Emerald Dream , and ventured there on a quest to retrieve her lost sister.

Feyawen and Jarryn

Watercolor of Feyawen and Jarryn by Mila Losenko.

Feyawen was protected on this journey by a brash half-breed named Jarryn, who was a young but skilled warrior in her uncle's retinue. During the events that transpired in the Emerald Dream, the pair quickly fell in love, but it was not to last. 

Following the safe return of her sister, Feyawen was distraught to learn of the death of her mother, who perished in her absence. Furthermore, Lord Nightfury infuriated many neighboring lords in his attempt to recover both of his missing daughters. The weight of his position and the political stress forced his hand and he sent Feyawen away to be married to the son of a neighboring lord. Embittered that the men of the household condemned her, she fled her home and journeyed to Suramar .

Suramar and the High Court

Some years following her arrival in Suramar, Feyawen forged an alliance with a warrior mage by the name of Celissera Glaivewhisper. Celissera was known to be wise and shrewd, and tough and fierce in character. She led a small order called the Circle of the Crescentmoon, of roughly one-hundred members, all of whom carried glaives and were instructed in martial arcane. Feyawen joined the ranks and received instruction in the art of arcane from the heir of a high ranking highborne house, Berox Shadowfern.

Feyawen Commission by liberlibelula

Feyawen's ancient nobility wardrobe by Liberlibelula.

Her abilities and diligence, no less than her mother’s highborne lineage, commended Feyawen to Berox and made her a confirmed favorite with him. Over time, Berox and Feyawen grew to become close friends and later lovers. However, jealous female suitors spread rumors about Feyawen’s lineage when she joined Berox in high society affairs. A battle between Feyawen and a Lady of the High Court ensued, with the result that Feyawen be taken prisoner following an honorable duel gone wrong, in which her opponent feigned grave injury. She was incarcerated at Meredil . This triggered a wrath and disdain for the High Court within Berox, and he surrendered his title and nobility, simply with the intention of winning her back.

While in prison, Feyawen was allowed to visit the Temple of Elune’eth to offer prayers to the Goddess. She was kept in comfortable conditions and Berox visited her regularly, it was then that their love triumphed and finally she was released after nearly a five-year sentence. They left Suramar a short time later as a couple, marrying and settling down in a small terrace home near the orchards of Zin’Azshari .

War of the Ancients

For a few centuries, Feyawen lived with Berox in relative peace from their terrace home in Zin'Azshari. She had relinquished the practice of arcane and spent time honing her warrior skills, serving as a guard and huntress for the city.

When the War of the Ancients began, Feyawen was in her third trimester of pregnancy. She was at ground zero when the first wave of demons came. They decimated the outer city, culling the impure. Berox went missing during the chaos and was presumed killed. Fortunately, with the aid of Celissera Glaivewhisper, Feyawen and the remainder of her family managed to evacuate the city.

Following the birth of twin daughters, Feyawen joined the Kaldorei Resistance. Wrought with distaste and a desire for vengeance against her former Queen, she fought valiantly against the hordes of demons that threatened Kalimdor. Throughout the war, she was stationed in many places from Black Rook Hold to the "Emerald City" of Galhara.

Feyawen was adequately lucky to be in Dy'jaru, rescuing refugees, when her sisters walked into a trap, set by the Legion, in the Hills of Urae. After the slaughter, she returned to Zin'Azshari with the remainder of the Kaldorei Resistance, where they mounted a final climactic battle against the Legion and their bygone leaders.

Days before the Great Sundering, Feyawen was charged with the protection and deliverance of the remaining kaldorei denizens of Zin'Azshari. With a bevy of refugees, she headed northwest until they reached the cool mountains on the western borders of Azshara and came to a large valley on the northern slopes of Mount Hyjal.

Settling Winterspring

In the ages before the perpetual winter, the northern valley beneath Mount Hyjal was touched by all seasons. The thick pine forests and the far-reaching mountain ranges stretched to the Great North, and the ancient Kaldorei city, Hajiri. It was a time when frost trolls dominated the vast majority of the frozen mountains, but a few sacred groves of evergreen and oak remained. It was in these areas that few highborne dwellings existed; though they were primarily scholarly retreats, hidden high in the woody mountains where nobles gathered and shared their findings.

After the War of the Ancients, the Sundering fractured the globe and sent the forces of nature and the arcane spiraling out of balance. As the heart of the continent began collapsing on itself, Feyawen was leading a bevy of refugees on an arduous journey from the ruins of Zin-Azshari to the foot of Mount Hyjal.

Feyawen, the refugees, and the few living members of her family spent months surviving in camps, waiting for more survivors to come up the mountainside. However, as the climate began to change, they were forced to move on. A winter unlike any Feyawen had known began to blanket the land. The wintry storm was unnatural and born from a massive flux and shift in the world’s leyline. It killed most of the wildlife, and soon the refugees began to starve.

Eventually, after weeks of searching the snowy mountains for shelter, Feyawen and the refugees discovered an ancient highborne retreat built upon an isle in a frozen lake. The residents were highborne supremacists and when they turned the helpless Kaldorei refugees away, Feyawen and her people were forced to resort to violence. In the span of two nights, Feyawen and the refugees had taken the retreat, but it turned out the highborne were only so easily beaten because they had been surviving solely on conjured foods for weeks.

It wasn’t long after acquiring the retreat that a massive arcane blizzard settled over the land. For two months, Feyawen and the refugees survived on faith and meager helpings of fish from beneath the icy of the lake. After the blizzard passed, Feyawen followed the Moonstriker family to a place against the mountains, where they began building a village. It was a safe place, where their homes could be protected from the harsh winds. In time, the wildlife returned and nature balanced itself out. 

The Sentinel Army

(To be written)

Exile of the Highborne

(To be written)

War of the Satyr

(To be written)

War of the Shifting Sands

(To be written)

Battle for Ashenvale and Mount Hyjal

(To be written)

Feralas Expedition

(To be written)

Scourge Wars in Northrend

(To be written)

Fall of Auberdine and the Construction of Lor'danel

(To be written)

The Firelands

(To be written)

Battlefield Barrens and the Siege of Orgrimmar

(To be written)

The Iron Tide

(To be written)

The Silverwing Sentinels

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The Nightfurys 

(To be written)

The Shadowferns

(To be written)

The Moonstrikers

(To be written)

Creature Companions

(To be written)

Mythera Darkthorn

(To be written)

Nyrell Woodrow

(To be written)

Kelanthos Ivyfang

(To be written)

Nylann Bladestar

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