Fletcher Alterson is a younger sorceress and a member of the Order of Aetlas—a group of Alliance heroes who survived the destruction of Draenor.[1]

She has recently become a notable sorceress of Stormwind; teaching Astromancy at the Stormwind University, in the Mage Quarter.[2]


Beyond the Dark Portal

A young and inquisitive sorceress in Stormwind at the onset of the First War, Fletcher was quick to take to the field of battle against the Horde, and later joined the Alliance Expedition, also known as the Sons of Lothar, who went beyond the Dark Portal. She became close friends with Kaldius during their time on Draenor, with both of them being Stormwindian magi. She was one of many who vanished through the multi-dimensional portals leading off of Draenor, opened by Ner'zhul, as the planet began to collapse.

Stranded among distant and unknown worlds, Fletcher and several other magi, clerics, and soldiers of the Alliance Expedition, journied between worlds on a desperate quest to return to Azeroth. This group called themselves the Order of Aetlas, in honor of one of their former commanders who stayed behind to ensure their escape.[2]

Talon of Norganonn

She was particularly devastated by Kaldius’ presumed death, and upon his return, found herself unable to open up to him, or reconnect, having blamed herself heavily for his capture in the first place. She also is one to note that he hasn’t seemed the same since his return, and fears that he lost his humanity in his captivity.

Since her return to Azeroth, she has dedicated herself to teaching new generations of sorcerers, and sharing with them her vast knowledge of astromancy, and the cosmology of the stars beyond Azeroth.

Physical appearance

Fletcher is a lithesome woman who stands at 5'8" tall. She has brown hair and blue eyes. The sorceress is usually seen wearing traditional Stormwind magi robes with her hood up.

She always has her staff, Talun'ial, close at hand. What appears as a simple staff with a white crystal affixed at the head, Talun'ial is in fact a quite powerful weapon assembled in the decades before the First War. It may not look like much, but the crystal at the head was enchanted and imbued with the power of the Arcane by none other than the Highborne of old.[2]

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