" I don't run from anything. I am Folkvar Giantsbane, son of Olaf One-eye, and I don't run away from any threat that comes my way."
—Folkvar Giantsbane

Folkvar Giantsbane is a vrykul berserker of the Dragonflayer Clan and a prominent member of the Oathsworn.

Physical appearance

Folkvar is a really tall person and is often the subject of all the cliche questions. Other than his crazy height, this man is very physically fit due to his warlike lifestyle.

He has long blonde braided hair and a big bushy braided beard to match. His hair is considered to be very thick. Thick enough where if he had a barber he would charge him double.

Folkvar has several tattoos all over his body. On his back is a red dragon with it's wings sprouted out and in the mouth of the dragon on the back of his right shoulder is the names of his wife and children written in Vrykul runes. On his chest he has red dragons swirled around breathing fire on the moon; the same is on his arms.[1]

Personality and traits

To be added.

Notes and references

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