"For Gnomeregan"

Gnomeregan Forever, often abbreviated as Gnome4ever or G4, is a Gnome racial guild founded by Forbidra. They seek to defend their fellow Gnomes and Gnomish interests wherever the need may be.


Founded by the former third-class library assistant Rillie Bentspring, also known as "Forbidra", Gomeregan Forever is a group of concerned Gnomes who have come together for their own reasons to help support the High Tinker in his bid to liberate their beloved city.

They are a "Citizens Militia" which supports (but is not controlled by) the Gnomish military. However, they are not soldiers. Indeed few of their members would likely pass the physical requirement to join the Gnomeregan Military in any case. G4's commanding officer Forbidra continually tries in vain to instill some military style precision and "spit polish" to her tiny troops. Nevertheless, G4 obstinately remains the most unorthodox and eccentric regiment ever to fly the purple banner of Gnomeregan, but somehow they always manage to get the job done.

Out of Character

Gnomeregan Forever is the largest and most active Gnome racial guild on Wyrmrest Accord. They accept all Gnomes regardless of class, profession, level or character alignment. They are currently Casual RP/Socially oriented, but we are working hard to expand into all facets of the game that our members enjoy including RP, PvE, and PvP! They strive to do a little of everything well, but not get too hardcore into any one thing.

They go out of our way to help their members any way they can, whether it be bags, gear runs, profession mats, group quests, achievements etc. They have everything those Tall Guilds have without all the /Punt, including a stylish Tabard, a well-stocked 6-Tab Guild Bank, separate IC & OOC chat channels, a spiffy lil website, many Guild Perks & Rewards, and perhaps the greatest group of Gnomish heroes ever assembled under one banner to share your adventures with!

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