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The Grand Alliance Military (GAM), is the Grand Alliance's Main Defensive Fighting Force, composed of two Branches, Grand Alliance Army (GAA), and the Grand Alliance Navy (GAN).

Supreme Leader of the Grand Alliance Military

Lord General Marshal (aka; General Marshal) (LGM)

Grand Alliance Army Ranks


  • Recruit (Not an Official Soldier of the GAA)
  • Private (PR)
  • Corporal (CPRL)

Non-Commissioned Officer

  • Sergeant (SGT)
  • Master Sergeant (MS)
  • Sergeant Major (SM)



  • Knight (KGT)
  • Knight Lieutenant (KLT)
  • Knight Captain (KCAP)
  • Knight Champion (KC)

Officer Ranks Not Otherwise Described:

  • Lieutenant (LT)
  • Lieutenant Commander (LTC)
  • Commander (LTC)
  • Field Commander (FLTC)
  • Major (MJR)


  • Brigadier General (BG)
  • Major General (MG)
  • Lieutenant General (LTG)
  • General (GEN)
  • Lord General (LG)


  • Vice Marshal (VML)
  • Marshal (ML)
  • Field Marshal (FM)
  • Grand Marshal (GM)
  • Lord Marshal (LM)

Grand Alliance Navy Ranks


Recruit (Not an Official Soldier of the GAN)


  • Seaman (SM)
  • Able Seaman (ASM)
  • Lead Seaman (LSM)

Petty Officer

  • Petty Officer (PO)
  • Chief Petty Officer (CPO)
  • Warrant Officer (WOF)


Unlike the Army, Navy Lieutenants are Non-Commissioned Officers.

  • Sub Lieutenant (SLT)
  • Lieutenant (LT)
  • Lieutenant Commander (LTC)


Captain (CPT)


  • Rear Admiral (RADM)
  • Vice Admiral (VADM)
  • Admiral (ADM)
  • Fleet Admiral (FADM)
  • Grand Admiral (GADM)
  • Lord Admiral (LADM)

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