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"Finish the Job."

We are godless men and women, carrying no moral banner into the shadows and returning with the heads of the wicked. Our hunt is our creed, the howling of the vile, our prayers. 

We are the shadowed sons and daughters of the Alliance. Slipping from shadow to shadow, stalking the night within its very own cover of darkness. 

We answer to no man nor woman, no General nor chieftain. We heed no call aside from our Queen of Graves. We pledge allegiance to only our cause and the King of our Alliance.

We are hunters, rogues, warriors, magi, and clerics. We have come from every cut of cloth, born from the wilds, the streets, the hills and valleys. 

We are Gravestone.


Gravestone's focal philosophy is to hunt the 'big, bad and uglies', the things that do more than just bump in the night. Whether it be undead, cultist, demonic, paranormal and elemental. 

Oriented around the Chaotic Neutral, we bend and maneuver around the Laws. We care only for our hunt and worry little over the moral standards in which we kill our mark. 

Gravestone's services are open to all. Have an undead problem? Look to Gravestone. Demons assaulting your members? Look to Gravestone. Cultists corrupting your innocents? Look to Gravestone.


At this time, Gravestone is not actively recruiting, but you can look to join us by submitting an application on our website.  For information and requirements, please look here.

Combat System

For guild events, Gravestone uses a dice system derrived from a the base /roll of 1-100.  Every character has 10 character points that can be used to modify the roll pool(say, from 1-100 to 1-125), give higher HP, pets, and more.  Using this system is required for all members during guild events.  For a more in-depth explanation, please look at the full system here.


While we are primarily a RP guild, Gravestone does participate in light raiding(Normal only, personal Loot). Raid nights are Wednesdays, 6-9 pm PST and the ability to listen in on TS3 is required(voice is helpful too).

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