"Honor, Valor, Loyalty. "
Arteas Greenwell

The Greenwell Army was a military organization founded by the House of Greenwell during the Gnoll War. Over the next several decades, the army flourished as a grand-sized militia, defending the Southern region of the Eastern Kingdoms until it's dissolution during the First War.

The Greenwell Army was reestablished nearly 20 years later by Marshal Arteas Greenwell.


Founded long ago in the lands of Elwynn, in the heart of the grand city of Stormwind - the first Armies of Greenwell trained long and hard to become the strength of King Barathen's army against the invading gnolls. After the Gnoll War, thousands of men and women built its mighty legions - as the Army travelled to and fro from every battle and skirmish across the Kingdom of Stormwind. From Westfall to Redridge, the Greenwell Army marched under the banner of the Imperial Crown - a symbol of nobility, chivalry, and strength for the Greenwell House.

However, time would soon begin to consume the very inner-workings of the Army, splitting the mighty beast into fragments of its past self. For many years, its soldiers wandered without purpose, its generals became nothing more than vagabonds and lowly men and women.


It is now current time, and the Army rises up once more under the banner of the Imperial Crown. Led once more by its leader Arteas Greenwell - he has united most of his family once more, most notably his cousin, Robert Greenwell, and his wife, Sustena Greenwell. With the enemies of the Alliance once more marching to assault their lands - the armies of the Greenwell House march in beat with the enemy, confronting them and putting them to the blade for their crimes. It is once more time to stand together, to not falter in the face of the enemy, and to stand defiant in the face of adversity and stand the tests of time - for as long as there is a Greenwell wielding his steel, then there will always be hope for the legions to rise once more.[1]

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