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Standing at 6'7" tall and being rather athletically built Gruzthor is your typically imposing Orc. His skin is leathery and Olive in color and he has scars across his left cheek up to his eye and along his back as well. His hair is midnight black and bristly, often sticking up, while his beard is rather long, coming down to his chest and split into two well made braids. He has no real "nice" clothing and often just wears his combat leather where ever he goes. Though sometimes in the city he may take off his helmet and shoulder pads to feel more comfortable.


A mere child of 6 years when he was brought through the dark portal, Gruzthor was one of the few young children who survived during the wars. By the time he was 12 he was slave labor with the elder males in the eastern Alliance interment camp. A quiet child, Gruzthor enjoyed listening to them speak of the old ways of their people, of their honor and strength; amongst other things. When he reached his teen years he became very vocal amongst his people and spoke out often. He became defiant to his human captors but was quickly put back in place after repeated beatings. His physical body was broken but his will was not and for a time he stayed quiet.

Sometime during his 17th year of life a group of free Orc raided the interment camp and he along with others were freed. Some unfortunately were not as was the case with Gruzthor's parents. Driving his hatred for humans even deeper Gruzthor decided to stay with the raiding party and learned from them the art of combat. Quickly he became a skilled archer and axe-wielder and made for an excellent scout for the raiding party. Gruzthor served without question battle throughout battle, one of countless Orc fighting for his people. When Thrall rose and led his people to Kalimdor he followed, filled with hope for a bright future. In Kalimdor Gruzthor made his home and still with a lust for the hunt as a scout he urged for the need to travel and chase prey. So in time he became a bounty hunter for hire and worked for the highest paying employer.

Over some time as a bounty hunter Gruzthor's view of the Horde took shape and when he refers to "the Horde" he speaks of Orc, Troll, and Tauren. He distrusts the Forsaken more than he does a Goblin and believes eventually that the Blood Elves will leave them once they have overcome their issues. He will work with them if forced too but would rather not if at all possible.



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