The Hand of Lordaeron, previously known as the Hand of Uther, is an order founded by Balledor the Lightbinder. It consists of heroes from the Alliance of Lordaeron, who survived long enough to witness the formation of the Argent Crusade. Since then, they have become an elite military-order within the Crusade. The Hand of Lordaeron strives to protect what is left of Lordaeron's living populace and carry out the many traditions of King Terenas' Kingdom. Bound by the will of the Ashbringer, they march without fear into the dark corners of the world.

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Out of Character

The Hand of Lordaeron welcomed all races and classes, except for Death Knights and Warlocks, due to it's holy representation. The Kingdom of Lordaeron was percieved as a Holy Land, even before the establishment of the city-state. Ultimately, the Hand of Lordaeron carry these same views.


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