Hegataph Greenheart, child of the earth, servant of the Light.


Hegataph was born in Mulgore to a family decimated by the wars with Centaurs. His single father Haramar believed that his son was going to grow up to do great things. One day Hegataph came home after speaking to Talamane who would become his mentor of sorts, and told Haramar all about the glory of the light and Haramar decided that it was about time that Hegataph went on his way and found his place in the world. Hegataph has been wandering for a few months alone, learning about the Light and/or An’she with little but a sword, shield, and a portable tent. He recieved much of his paladin training in Silvermoon with the advice of Talamane.


Hegataph is sweet as pie, but also kind of a dumb. He believes that most of the problems in the world are caused by someone that needs a good solid punch in the face that he is not afraid to deliver. He became a paladin because he was charmed by the idea of being able to do it with purpose and meaning. He’s very protective of everyone and would prefer, really, to tank, dps and heal the dungeons all by himself. That way they would also happen more slowly so he wouldn’t have to carry Tyrafeil around. Hopefully.

Having grown up with no constant female figures in his life, he’s not sure quite how to treat women, but he believes that one day he will find a sweet Tauren girl he will marry and have lots of children with. He also doesn’t know much about other races aside from blood elves, so he wavers between being incredibly sweet and shamefully offensive. Hegataph has the fantastic skill to ruin everything by saying something stupid and make everything better by saying something surprisingly insightful. He believes in the Light but his love for his father and the Earthmother led him to create an interesting amalgam belief of the two that he makes no attempt to reconcile. He’ll take his beliefs from one or the other depending on the situation.


Hegataph has orange-brown spots that I’m sure Tauren have a cute name for. He has an auburn mane tied into braids and green eyes – a family trait. He’s a young man with a pretty face for a Tauren and an impressive muscular build.


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