Hellene Lightsparrow is a female mage who studied under Jaina Proudmoore.


Hellene Lightsparrow was born in Stratholme , just leaving on a vacation to Dalaran with her grandmother. While she was there, Stratholme was destroyed and she thought all of her family had perished. Her grandmother died soon after,and she wandered. she has been raped too many times to count, and became a mage to prevent any more of this from ever happening, and can be very scary when she wants . This probably comes from her friendship with Xashuk Moonblade,who she lovingly calls THE crazy bitch. She also has varying adoptive children,including Sarah,Charleen,Jaimes and an "off" gnome named Kopie.


Hellene decided to grow up in secret and trained as a mage. She never wanted to be put as the damsel in distress again , and she is forming a group called the Crimson Order to stop gang crime and discrimination against races and classes.


Hellene is very strong , but if you know her personal history , she falls into taunts and can quickly be ridden of.


  • "She's a slut and a cunt. She's a slunt."-on her former trainer and tutor , Jaina Proudmoore.
  • "They are zealots , except a few. They mean good , and I don't want them turning into Scarlet Crusaders."-On the Poor Knights of Elwynn.


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