Founded during the reign of King Terenas's Grandfather, House Blackfallow has
Blackfallow Sigil

The House Blackfallow Sigil

a proud history among the people of Eastern Lordaeron. Build on land that was mostly mountainous or heavily forested, it does not offer much in the way of farmland, but does maintain a healthy supply of game, both in the way of rabbit and deer, while the caves in the mountains give the Blackfallows ample wealth from the gems and gold mined within, along with space for the growing of mushrooms and the breeding of cave fish.

The only village in this small parcel of land is called Blackreach. Built when the land was first settled, many of the small houses are either dug into the mountainside themselves, either on the outside with their entrances facing the forests of the region, or inside one of the older caves, many of them being older mines that were repurposed as living quarters for those willing to live underground.

A small keep stands out near the top of the mountain. Surrounded by high stone walls, the keep is very well defended, but mostly stands isolated from the village itself. Like the village below, the keep has many of it's rooms dug into the mountainside. Including a dining hall and small chapel which is used for private prayer meetings by the members of the house.

The village and the house support a total population of roughly 200 which includes a military force of 100, with 70 trained soldiers and 30 militia which can be called up during times of emergency.

The current leader of the house is Lord Aegran Blackfallow.

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