Known History

House Dawnraker is a multi-branch family of Quel'dorei and Sin'dorei with the major branches defined along an ideological and moral schism, as well as a geographic divide.

The Silvermoon branch is headed by Faenileda Dawnraker and her daughter, Shieraiel Sunhammer. It is composed of the family members who remained in Quel'thalas after the Third War. House Dawnraker is partially merged with House Sunhammer via Faenileda's marriage to Tyraiel Sunhammer.

The Dalaran and Elwynn branches are headed by Ravennia Dawnraker and her daughter, Alia Dawnraker. It is composed of Ravennia's descendants and those retainers who maintain loyalty to the deceased patriarch, Elramir Dawnraker, a Magister of Silvermoon.

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