Spy Mistress Zarae Emberfury (pronounced as "Za-ray) is a Sin'dorei who specializes in the arts of subtly and working within the shadows, although this wasn't always the case.

A skilled assassin and known to sell information makes her a dangerous being to her enemies and a champion to her allies. Her thirst for knowledge however, will always be her passion, as she is seen in her downtime finding artifacts of times long past. To this day she serves Silvermoon and the Sin'dorei with fierce loyalty and will continue to do so until her dying breath.

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"Who are you to judge me? You know NOTHING of the nightmares that I've had to overcome while you sat in your safe little haven. The things that I've done, no matter how dark they may be, have and always will be for the future of my people... Our people! I've slain countless demons, legion or Azerothian, to protect the interests of the Sin'dorei, and to protect the interests of House Emberfury! What have YOU done for them brother?"

- Zarae to Lord Rahir Emberfury


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