Lady Kyna Shadowcrest has come to expand her company and name after many years at sea. Her father died several years ago, Deathwing decimated her fleet, her steward led a drug scandal that completely ostracized her Stormwind front some time ago. For all intents and purposes, Shadowcrest has become an obscure name in the last decade. Kyna seeks to fix this by networking; meeting other noble leaders, militias, and militaries and selling them the one thing her House has always been good at supplying; Firearms! Specializing in rifles, pistols, explosives and siege weaponry, she will bring glory to the Alliance one crater at a time.


For many years, family Shadowcrest was a nomadic but socially isolated bunch. After immigrating from Kul'Tiras some time ago, they set up in the dark woods of Silverpine to the southern shores of the Eastern Kingdoms. Even in the early days of the family's history, they were forced to be merchants. It was not unknown for them to travel to various battlefronts and aid in the efforts by crafting weaponry for Alliance soldiers. But they were few, and the needs were many.

House Shadowcrest, in Kul Tiras, used to be a more standard shipping family, trading various goods with a focus on resources. Lumber, ore, cloth. As years went on, family members saw the increasing need of technology. Especially brought on by that of dwarves and gnomes. Some of the family appreciated these type of wares and the more business savvy saw that this could become very lucrative for their Company. But the focus was not instituted until much recently, as in the last couple of decades.

In that time, given the increasing instability of the Alliance versus Horde conflict, their services were required and after erecting a factory or two, they could finally serve in the mass they always desired, bringing in much desired coin. 

But their fortune could not last forever. Given the nature of their business, family members died of various ages and competitive assassination, including internal disagreements. Some were disowned, many died. Eventually, all was left was a father and his young daughter, whom he trained since childhood to make sure she would never become a victim of their business.

Several years ago, Lord Eli Vance fell ill. Sadly, he felt his own daughter was much too young to carry the Shadowcrest name. They were forced to use a family friend, Allein, as a surrogate leader. They got along well enough, but months later... Allein's leadership brought the Stormwind front of Shadowcrest to shambles. Due to her own instabilities, it was finally time for Kyna Vance to step back up and fill her recently deceased father's shoes.

Major Operations

At its peak, HSC/SSC boasted about forty trade ships to their name, a fair fraction of Kul Tiras' ultimate fleet. Kyna was out to sea when Deathwing destroyed this fleet, leaving her with about two left that could barely float at the time. After a week out, salvaging their own wreckage, she was able to sail away and eventually buy out a third ship, which is what she was stuck with for years before heading back to Stormwind properly... Which is about where most people are meeting her to this day.

SSC has rented some space in the Dwarven District for their shop, where they can cater to individual buyers and also fill in orders for bulk when leaders of organizations require arming dozens of people.

She currently wields 7-10 ships to her House's name and is growing quickly thanks to some major buys, a major sell is the Archimedes Naval Cannon, a large piece of firepower that requires an Iron Horde schematic to be mounted properly.

If it's something that goblins and gnomes would appreciate working on, it's very likely that HSC/SSC produces it.


(This will be a constant WIP as my guild is able to think up more gun types.)

SCT-5 Pistol - Turret mechanism. Shoots five bullets at once, very inaccurate. [7g]

SCLS-12, Long Shot, Highest Demand, Medium-Longe Range, Many customization options. [15g]

SCSF-12, Spitfire Shotgun, Short Range. [10g]

SCEE-54, Eagle Eye, Longest Range, ~2000 yards (Undercuts the current modern record of around ~2700 yards) [35g]

SCM-94 Grenade Launcher [40g]

SCJJ-1000, Jack-Javeline, Bayonet Triggered rifle shot triggered by impact. (Melee rifle) [20g]

SCID-20 - Infantry Designated, Prototype Automatic [45g]

RD9K - Powerful Flintlock, usually a personal buy. [40g]

SCTC-1 - Thunderclap, Protype. Large Caliber Revolver - [18g]

SCD-350 - Defender, Gatling Gun [65g]

Archimedes Naval Cannon - Massive Ship-mounted naval cannon. [~800g]


The Last Resort

Proudmoore's Revenge

The Squallchaser

The Rogue Wave

Supa Ironside

Ghost of Drisburg

The Silverpine Cutter

Fall from Grace

Hand of Boralus

The Arathor

The Shadow

One might have heard Kyna say "Shadow Hide You". These words mean much more than the basic, surface idea of "I hope you don't get caught" or "Hope you make it safely home, the streets are dangerous." While it can certainly communicate that and more, it actually has a deeper meaning.

Fact is, in the House's infancy, the matriarch of the House found a living entity of shadow. Much in the same way warlocks plea to shadow as paladins do the light, HSC has found their own source of shadow magic. This creature introduced itself as "Trahl'es'da". What it actually is, nobody is sure. Some specialized void walker? A god? Who's to say. Either way it became the sort of background matron of the House, giving a piece of its power to those the original Lady of Shadowcrest saw fit.

It formed into a sort of cult, though without any of the sacrifice or murder. Typically, the Trahl merely asked for their souls in the afterlife to preside over other followers around the world. There are not many.

There's more to it, which does include a ceremony where a worshipper's body is warped into an abomination of shadow and put back together again. The process is generally very painful and is designed to weed out the weak. Past documents have long been burned regarding tales of their members going into abominable rampages, killing dozens as their mutated bodies were destroyed and reformed from the shadow. The process has become less violent over the last century but the ritual still remains; Giving one's body to the shadow and allowing for mutations.

The Book of the Trahl'es'da

Warning: Spoilers, as well as lorebending concepts are to follow. It doesn't come into play in common RP so you are under no obligation to opt into the concepts below.

The Secret Cult of the Shadow

Long ago, a bored and incredibly powerful creature discovered the twisted power of the shadow. He found it could live, move, breathe, think. With this he created a sort of demigod of shadow, hidden and chained away in his realms of torment. It is an eye-shaped monstrosity that he would use to govern their soldiers. Trahl'es'Das. Weapons of the Shadow. Often bastardized in human language as "Trilesta", as well. They are immortal assassins picked from the shadow itself and commanded by this unknown creature.

To become a Trahl'es'Da is not for the pure or the true. It has always attracted a specific kind of personality. Usually contradictory or conflicting emotions within a mortal. Evil, but noble in goal. Hate, with admiration. Despise for their betters without the need to carry out vengeance. This is only a minor crop of what the shadow searches for.

There can only be a couple dozen Trahl'es'Das in existance, too many of these powerful immortals would be problematic. The relationship between the the entity of the shadow is tenuous, but stable. He goes to great lengths to make sure Trahl'es'Das are not born without his consent. If they are, they are eliminated.

After a Trahl'es'Da is chosen, the true test of their mental will begins. The metamorphosis can take months or years, it varies with an individual. Their mind is the first to be affected. This is a simple occurrence, the individual may think they are going insane as they hear the shadow whisper assurances and suggestions. But their body is never forced or commanded. At this stage, their will is their own. The second part of the metamorphosis comes much later as their physical being begins to change. Again, it always varies on the manifestation or the mutations. But the unanimous occurrence is the heart. For this stage, the heart is the most important to an early Trahl'es'Da (It isn't later on, so don't attempt to locate your nearest Trahl'es'Da and stab it in the heart) because most of the shadow composition goes there to be "filtered" like normal blood. After a short and painful process, the heart is reshaped to a twisted vision of what it used to look like, and begins to pump all throughout the body.

The third stage could take another year. Or two. Or a week if the individual is aware and accepting. Once more, the events and manifestation of this stage vary. Also once more, the one constant is the vomiting of a thick black fluid. A lesser known fact upon this piece of metamorphosis, is that this is the liquefied form of their humanoid organs (Animals are not chosen for this. In his madness, the original creator of this entity loved to watch the psychological effects, and it's not so amusing with animals). This also may come from the eyes, or other undesirable orifices.

Best case scenario, the individual should wish they are alone at this point. For a temporary amount of time, their mind cannot comprehend friend or foe. It is the truest display of a Trilesta's power without restraint, and they will kill friends, family, innocent or not, until their change is finished.

Not every individual survives this. Even the shadow must bow to simple science. Sometimes the physical stress is too intense, and the body shuts down and dies before completion.

In the event they survive (and most do), they look as normal as they had before. But with a whole set of powers.

Trahl'es'Da powers range widely. And like anyone else, they find a few that work well and use those exclusively. These powers include, but are not limited to;

Mind Reading, and not your conventional kind. A Trilesta is built to be violent. When they read minds, the target will almost always know someone is visiting their head. The pain can be intense for the more sadistic of Trilestas, but more often than not the target can see specific visions pertaining to the Trahl'es'Das presence.

Trahl'es'Da may also use the shadow, or the simple cover of darkness to transport themselves to another dark area. They may use the Eye as a gate to travel larger distances, but there must be one at the other end.

They may summon various weapons out of the shadow. The most common is the iconic pistol, whose ammunition type can change on command.  A Trilesta may also summon swords, and some kinds that replace their arm completely. This is more for show than practicality, but it kills all the same. On a less violent note, clothing can also be made by Shadowcrafting. It can be summoned and de-summoned at the users will, but it's physical. Simply casting light/holy magic will not de-render its presence.

There is an entire set of shadow-minions they may also summon, and that has its own section later.

There are many others, but those are the highlights.

Now, it is somewhat unwise to begin listing a Trahl'es'Das weaknesses, but everything must be documented. And please allow me to remind the reader that the shadow and its Trahl'es'Das are not necessarily evil. They are at odds with the light, but their actual enemy varies and is mostly dictated by the will of the entity.

That said, their primary weakness is light or holy magic. But that alone can only debilitate a Trilesta, not destroy them. Effects vary, but they can often be set ablaze when concentrated light is fired upon them. They are also weaker in direct sunlight, but specific powers are usable, such as summoning. But transportation can be cut off at the knees if light is directed on them.

As I've written, everything varies.

Actual Trahl'es'Das can only be permanently destroyed by the original creator himself, if they become too unstable. The most any outside individual can do to a Trilesta to any effect is dismemberment. Removing a limb is too much for the shadow to heal (It can, but it takes too much time if in a combative situation), leaving them vulnerable. Specifically, removing the head is enough to shut a Trahl'es'Da down.

But that does not eliminate them. Their soul (If "soul" is even the proper term for them anymore) is transported to a subrealm of the entity's creation, where the specifics of their reemergence is planned and executed. This depends on the condition and location of their body, among other variables.

The Eye of the Shadow

The Eye


The eye of shadow is a creature that haunts the void between worlds. It shares a shape not unlike an orb, but malformed and with melting tendrils. It is suspended within a singular tower in an abandoned plane of existence, often flanked by its abominations to protect its metaphysical self.

It is this creature that Kyna and her secret sect of cultists answer to, to a degree. It has no commands or wishes, only their essences for their afterlife.