Pre-war History (Before the Third War)

House Sunhammer was a minor noble house with some notable specialization in mining, smithing and arcane forging. An arranged marriage between Tyraiel Sunhammer and Faenileda Dawnraker, a quel'dorei woman from a magically focused house, strengthened both in Sunhammer's favor.

Post-war History (After the Third War)

Faenileda became head of house after Tyraiel was lost in the fighting during the Scourge invasion. She rebuilt with her daughter, Shieraiel, and son, Illithien, employing and adopting those willing to train in the art of the hammer and anvil.

When Tyraiel returned some years after the war, a time of adjustment began - both to his undeath and fealty to the Ebon Blade, and to the fact that he was no longer considered Head of House - which resulted in an amicable separation of location and dutiies. Tyraiel moved to Orgrimmar, where he founded that branch of the family business.

Faenileda gradually expanded the family workshop beyond the scope of the forge itself, and hired jewelcrafters, leatherworkers, enchanters, and inscriptionists who specialized in weapons and armor manufacture. Soon a small display case for jewelry and other items appeared next to the weapons and armor.

One of these craftsmen was a Mage-Geologist and jewelcrafter, Lethdor Morningshard, who was the last known surviving member of his family. Over time and many years of working together, prospecting for ore, and finding mutual interest, as well as the events of the Cataclysm and the discovery of Pandaria, their working partnership developed into something more.

The two were married one year before the portal turned red and the Iron Horde streamed through from the other side.

After the Draenor campaign, both Lethdor and Faenileda contemplated retirement and entered the Ready Reserve of Quel'thalas, deploying to the southern Ghostlands. Faenileda began to transfer most of the responsibility of managing the affairs of the House to her daughter.

That responsibility transferred completely after the disastrous campaign at the Broken Shore.

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