"We press on."
—Words of House Davenwell

The House of Davenwell (informally House Davenwell) is a Stormwindian family who were granted nobility in the Kingdom of Lordaeron after the Second War. The current head of the house is Lord Dighton Davenwell.[1]


Before their nobility, the Davenwell family were known as a standard family in the Kingdom of Stormwind for many generations. Many members in the family's ancestry were known to be stable masters and soldiers. Leander Davenwell was the first member in the family to gain notoriety after joining the Brotherhood of the Horse. During the First War, Leander became nothing short of a hero after rescuing various civilians whose homes were ransacked by the invading orcish Horde.

After the Kingdom of Stormwind was destroyed by the Horde, Leander and his family traveled north to Lordaeron alongside the other refugees. Leander was one of the first to volunteer himself into combat after the formation of the Alliance of Lordaeron. Throughout the Second War, Leander brought the Alliance several victories against the Horde, even capturing the great Vargok Wartooth. After successfully defending Lordaeron and laying siege to the volcanic fortress of Blackrock Spire, Leander was knighted by King Terenas II — granting him and his family nobility in Lordaeron.[1]

Family Tree

Davenwell Family Tree
Leander Davenwell
Andrilla Phillips
Sara Dornnel
Dighton Davenwell
Elphias Davenwell
Howard Davenwell
Marcella Davenwell

Notes and references

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