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"Selama no'alar alsha Quel'Thalas (Justice from the Light for Quel'Thalas)"
Thorival Dawnblood

The House of Dawnblood is a noble militant family of blood elves in Quel'thalas.

They gained their nobility status and rank within the blood elf military through their honorable defense of the boarders of Quel'thalas during the Troll Wars. Thorival was bestowed this rank when a member of the Silver Hand, but since then the family has fully adopted itself into the Blood Knights and are strong supporters of the Horde.


The Dawnblood family began their journey in Quel'Thalas as simple farmers and miners in the area that is now the Ghostlands. During the Troll Wars the family was bestowed the right to defend a large silver mine after taking it away from the trolls. Thus, this land has been considered Dawnblood in deed since this defensive effort. The family later helped erect a training facility to help train more knights and improve the family's notoriety with the courts. Much of the Dawnblood land was destroyed in the Third War against Arthas: becoming plagued and unusable. The family always retained the silver mine, however, and the college was then turned into the Dawnblood family estate. They continue to open the training facilities for the local militia.

Recently, through marriage into the notable Jad'inblaze family, the Dawnblood land deeds have increased greatly to include Jad'inblaze lands found in southern Quel'thalas near Lake Abasi.

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