437px-Goldenmist Village

Dawnmist Village - now.

Blood elf maiden

One of the last living heirs, Lady Hycanith Dawnmoon.

House Dawnmoon

Born from the ashes of a small village on the outskirts of Eversong Forest, House Dawnmoon grew into a House and a home. The village was later named Goldenmist which is now inhabited by some of the Scourge.


Previous Lady Dawnmoon, Crystiline Dawnmoon-Stormbough.

One of the last living heirs, Lady Hycanith Dawnmoon (Ex-Blood Knight and Reporter for HNN) now lives in Fairbreeze Village instead of her birthplace, Goldenmist Village. Recently she adopted Saltre (Sal) Shatterbow to become her daughter, who she has begun to teach about the lands that the Dawnmoon family came from.

Dawnmoon Estate

Dawnmoon Estate was created as a "bridge" to other parts of Quel'Thalas. Though the bridge was later destroyed, it had been, and still is in the minds of those who remember it (though that population is very small), a foundation for later generations.


Dawnmoon Estate's Sanctum.

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