The House of Dawnsworn is a High elf and Blood elf house that originated within the eastern lands of Quel'Thalas. The Dawnsworn are descendants of the caste of Highborne known as the Moonsworn and the Moonstriders, who followed the first of the Sunstrider Dynasty to establish their new kingdom and forsake the ways of the Kaldorei. The High Elves held Elo'Tharn Village until the splintering of Thalassian elves, and currently, Sin'dorei claim all Dawnsworn lands of Quel'Thalas.

The rise of the Sin'dorei fractured the prominent family and divided Quel'dorei from Sin'dorei perpetually. The matriarch of the High Elf house, Duchess Aelorelle Dawnsworn, allows residence to all Dawnsworn who did not follow their Sin'dorei brethren. Indeed she longs for her people to be reunited, but not at the cost of her allies in the Grand Alliance, therefore she has banished all Dawnsworn (and any Sin'dorei) from Aran'Thalas.


The Dawnsworn line traces its origins to a caste of Highborne favored by Queen Azshara, though in those distant years their surname was the Moonsworn. They were the peerage equivalent in Kaldorei society, the progenitor being Lord Elo'tharn Moonsworn. Originally the Moonsworn were an off-shoot of a larger Highborne family, the House of Moonstrider. It was during the War of the Ancients, when the Heads of the Moonstrider ilk resorted to stay at the side of Queen Azshara, that Elo'tharn defected. Having fled Zin-Azshari, Elo'tharn dwelled with his brethren in Mount Hyjal. Some Moonstrider elves, recognizing him to be a descendant, followed him. It was from them that the fruitful Dawnsworn house made its humble beginnings. 

Elo'tharn, like others once in the servitude of Queen Azshara, felt the pains of being without a source of magic to draw sustenance. With the other Highborne, Elo'tharn was exiled from Kalimdor and followed Dath'Remar Sunstrider to their new home; renaming his line the “Dawnsworn.” Elo'tharn took a Dawnweaver Highborne to be his wife. 

Elevation of Status

They were zealous loyalists to the Dynasty of Sunstrider, following their progenitor across the seas and to the glades of Tirisfal where they watched a number of their kin grow mad. They braved the treacherous journey across the frigid mountains of Lordaeron that claimed the lives of several Quel'dorei. Elo'Tharn swore the fealty of himself and all of Dawnsworn progeny to Dath'Remar and any of the Sunstrider kin who ruled over the High Elves. Witnessing the vow upheld, the heiress of a Sunstrider "cadet branch" was betrothed to Elo'Tharn's third son, his first two having perished in Tirisfal. Though they were several years apart, it was recounted a passionate marriage and plentiful children came of their union.

The Phoenix Guard

Formidable in combat, it was common for four Dawnsworn to be named guardians for a member of the Silvermoon Convocation who took an interest in their affairs. They were heralded as “Phoenix Guard,” and were often the successors to the Dawnsworn holdings–even if they were ill-equipped for sovereignty. Now, the Phoenix Guard has experienced resurgence, though their directive remains unchanged. The Phoenix Guard are knighted into the House of Dawnsworn by Duchess Aelorelle and are tasked with the protection of Dawnsworn elves or notable allies. They do not need to be a High Elf nor a Dawnsworn to enlist, but they must prove themselves capable in combat and a logical thinker. It is considered a status to be regarded with respectfully.

A Blessed Crown

Because their progenitor, Elo'Tharn, was beheld with a mane of ghastly white, the Dawnsworn praised their ivory strands as being a blessed crown from Belore. Children born with white hair were upheld and praised moreso than those born without, a regular topic of contention between Dawnsworn High Elves and High Elves who were married into the surname.

Known members

Auroryn Dawnsworn - A Ranger-Captain of the Silver Covenant and the House's Matriarch, though she has passed on responsibility to her grandmother, Enlathielle Dawnsworn while combatting the Legion.

Ellundil Dawnsworn - Ranger Lord and elder brother to Aelorelle Dawnsworn, his location is ever changing.

Vilaena Dawnsworn - A younger cousin to Ellundil, Aelorelle, Thilinaere, and Aramae Dawnsworn. An enchantress who once danced to enliven the Thalassian Armies, she headed her own dancers' troupe dubbed "Sisters of Woven Light." It is unknown what happened to the rest of her group, but Vilaena herself has become a vagrant, refusing to settle in one place for too long.

Enlathielle Dawnsworn - A gracious woman, though given to sharper remarks where her grandchildren are concerned. Enlathielle Dawnsworn accounts herself as an elder amidst her kin, noting a lack of surviving contemporaries. She remains in Aran'Thalas.

Notes and references

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