"Beyond the ice, we rise. "
—Words of House Litharion.

The House of Litharion (informally House Litharion) is a noble militaristic family and one of the oldest noble houses in the Kingdom of Alterac. Despite this, the house has progressively weakened over the years and was nearly annihilated by the end of the Second War. Clinging on to the little power they had left, the house began to rebuild during the Alliance-Horde War under Lord Ralyn Litharion.[1]


House Litharion was founded almost 2,500 years ago by Horic Litharion. Horic was amongst the first Arathi tribesmen to settle in the untamed Alterac Mountains. However, many tribe members who settled in the region died from the savage wildlife and harsh environments. The biggest threat to the Alteraci colonists was the mountainous-sized yeti Lithaquar the Ravager.

Lithaquar ravaged the lands for years and countless men had perished trying to protect their new home from the mountainous beast. Brave men tried to tame Lithaquar, but none were successful until a tracker named Horic led a pack of his best hunters and trackers to hunt down and kill him. After weeks of tracking Lithaquar, Horic's party finally tracked him down in a cave near the peaks of the Alterac Mountains. After a long and gruesome attempt to incapacitate the beast, Horic's men managed to entangle him with a large net, allowing Horic to execute a killing blow with his Greataxe, crushing the yeti's skull. After slaying Lithaquar, Horic became a living legend amongst the Alteraci colonists, obtaining the nickname "Horic the Slayer". Horic was given nobility by the first rulers of Alterac, thus House Litharion was born. The house was given land bordering the mountains where they built their settlement.

Family Tree

Litharion Family Tree
Horic the Slayer
many generations
Cedric Litharion
Brysta Lauer
Katlynn Litharion
Unnamed woman
Ralyn Litharion
Dalyn Litharion
Calyniss Litharion

Notes and references

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