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"All my life I have lived by the sword. I've seen kingdoms burn, and watched brave heroes die in vain. It's been difficult for me to trust after losing so much. But from you I have learned patience, tolerance, and faith."
Varian Wrynn

The House of Wrynn is the ruling house of the kingdom of Stormwind.


The family survived the First War, but were not restored to the throne of the kingdom until after the end of the Second War. The kingdom was renamed Stormwind after the Third War. The Wrynns had minimal ties to other houses, though their friendship with the House of Menethil (the ruling house of Lordaeron) prior to its destruction at the start of the Third War is well-documented. The House of Wrynn remains in control of Stormwind, although Anduin (who was acting king after his father's disappearance) ruled through co-regents for a time.

Barathen died the year after the initial orcish assault upon both Stormwind and Stormwind Keep. Tiffin was killed by a rock thrown at her head in a riot by the Stormwind-based Stonemasons Guild (which would eventually become the Defias Brotherhood).

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